Is Believing ‘I’m a Divine Being’ a Practical Way to Create and Live?

First I want to start with saying that the whole idea of being “practical” is the reason that we’re in this state of dissatisfaction, disconnection, and distress. Being practical is exactly what got us here in the first place.


It’s time to employ a different operating system…and that would be operating from the knowingness of who we truly are. Knowing that we are Divine Essence in form; we are Source; we are part of the Great Creator; we are the Light in human form; we are sparks of God; we are Christ Consciousness…or whatever fancy language you want to use to describe the true essence of who and what you are…it really doesn’t matter, as long as you know this truth.


But how do you bring this into a life that on the surface doesn’t seem to support this? A life that has too many practical things to attend to; too many responsibilities and obligations; and way way too little time?


Well, you have a choice.


Neither choice is wrong and bad, nor right and superior. …but you do get to choose – believe yourself to be only human, or know yourself to be a divine being in human form?


Regardless of your choice, if it feels too hard to step into a new way of being, too hard to let go of the old, too hard to see the Universe and your life in a new way, that’s okay…


You can stay in the old…until the new just doesn’t let you.


And while you’re there you’ll still have guidance, you’ll still have support. It doesn’t leave you. How can it? You’re it. You are part of this creative intelligence. There is no separation. But while you remain in your forgetfulness of this, you’ll not be abandoned. It’ll be trying to reach you and remind you in any way that it can.


But while you are there you will, however, still be subject to the physical laws that were put in place by the human mind. Laws that are limiting and restrictive. They’re known and abided by, but they do diminish you and reduce your level of fulfilment. You may still find glimmers of joy and happiness…these aren’t omitted, but you will not know the true joy and wonder of your own creative capacity.


If you choose to remember who you are and live from that frequency, you live by an entirely new set of rules – spiritual laws. These are unlimited and full of possibility. To our mind they appear to be born of magic and miracles. …but they’re just as real, and just as true as the physical laws we have bought into for so long.


Your ego will object to this, so be prepared for that. And in being prepared you can be ready to challenge the old.


You may not be able to fully believe and fully embody this knowing quite yet…and that’s okay. All it takes is a willingness to want to know, believe, and embody.


Ask your Soul Team, ask the Divine Energies to come in and work through you, to work through your problems, and to work through your consciousness. And they will get the ball rolling for you. Your willingness and intention is all that’s required. The rest of the steps will unfold in a way that is perfect for you.


So, to circle back, and answer the question is this practical? To our conditioned human minds, no absolutely not. But to our soul, it’s the most practical thing in the world!