It Kinda Pissed Me Off That I Was Struggling

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TrishaI believe life isn’t about struggle.


…So it really pissed me off that I was struggling.


I mean, I knew enough. I researched enough. I applied enough. I changed enough. I meditated enough. I journaled enough. I was loving enough.


So my gosh…what was still the issue?!


Do I still believe our lives are meant to be struggle free?  Yep.


But, do I think we know how not to struggle? Nope. Not at all.


And therein lies the problem.


Although our divine natural birthright is meant to be one of abundance, success, health and love delivered through ease, flow and fun…not everyone got the memo.


We innocently enter this world as a blank slate, but over time the ideas, beliefs, and rules of those before us get painted upon us so densely that we can no longer see to the truth of who we are beneath it all.


That doesn’t take away from the truth, but it means we end up seeing our lives and the world around us in a way that is skewed.  It’s why so many of us feel…

  • heavy when we should feel light-hearted
  • anxious when we should feel care-free
  • worried when we should feel wonder
  • fearful when we should feel joy
  • limited when we should feel powerful
  • stuck when we should feel expansive


These limitation are what we were born into…BUT it’s not how it has to stay.


Through the density our soul is always trying to get our attention…it never gives up on us…never has; never will. It is our beacon calling us back to the truth.


Humanity got a little off course, but our joy is our constant homing device that is tirelessly trying to remind us of how good it can be.


Will there be a little struggle along the way?  More than likely.  Not because it has to be that way, but because that’s the way we are accustomed to.  We are bombarded with messages of – it takes hard work to succeed, struggle is rewarded at the end, work isn’t supposed to be fun, play it safe…


Years ago I had a friend comment to me that she thought I had it too easy because my parents paid for my University.  In sharing her opinion on the idea, she strongly and unmistakenly implied that her journey was more honorable because she had to struggle, scrape, and worry to get where she got. At the time I remember falling prey to the idea of struggle being something more to be admired than ease, and I was left feeling slightly embarrassed that I had help.


I had allowed myself to feel shamed for having had help along the way.  But I thank God, that I didn’t stay in that martyr mentality forever. I’m thankful I didn’t remain in the belief that struggle is to be praised. Not only are we allowed to have help along the way, we have an entire Soul Team chopping at the bit to help, support and guide us every step of the way.


People take pride in their pain and struggle. They wear it as a badge of honor.


Don’t let that be your story.


You get to create your own tale…make it an adventure comedy.  It doesn’t need explosive drama; it doesn’t need heart-wrenching tragedy; it doesn’t need any cliff-hangers…it just needs to be epic.


Can a story contain scenes that appear to be dramatic and tragic, harrowing and heartbreaking? Sure.  I’m not going to deny or pretend that those stories don’t occur.  But how you choose to label it, is how you choose to experience it.  Struggle is in the mind, not within an event.


We can choose to experience everything as happening to us, thereby feeling victim to it. OR choose to experience everything as happening for us, thereby trusting that something good comes out of all we encounter and know it was put in your path for a reason.


Everything we encounter is always trying to lead us back to our natural state of peace, calm, joy and ease. 


The reason we still encounter struggle is because we are burning off what is no longer needed.  We are cleansing…

  • misguided beliefs and ideas
  • buried and ignored emotions
  • frameworks of thinking
  • patterns of dysfunction
  • harmful and unnecessary habits
  • ego dominated living


What helps me to move out of struggle and back into flow, is being able to shift the appearance of struggle into something else entirely – to see it as a vehicle for my good; to see it as an avenue bringing me exactly what I want…just not always in the exact packaging I had requested.


Sometimes I stay in the energy of struggle a little longer than necessary, and other times it’s a quick flip.  But it always takes having to let go of how I think my good should come and trusting that my Soul Team always knows the quickest route.


Trisha-Savoia3Trisha Savoia (yours truly) is founder of Absolute Awareness and creator of the Relax into Life series She wants to remind you that life is meant to be outrageously good…you are not meant to settle. And it’s much simpler than we make it. Just RELAX INTO LIFE and let it be raised to a higher standard…you’ve got a whole Soul Team helping you out! If you aren’t already a part of what I do, just peek over to the right and I have a number of ways for us to stay connected…and I warmly welcome that!