It’s Not Neglect to Ignore the Shittiness in the World

love agentI sometimes can have what other’s would refer to as a naïve view of things…I tend to see the positive even when it appears obvious to be the opposite.


Recently my optimism got challenged…but thankfully it’s stubborn.  I was feeling bombarded and overwhelmed with all the crappy things that can go on in the world, and even some smaller disappointments were feeling big.


My heart got heavy, my body felt drained, and my head filled with fear.


So it didn’t come as a complete surprise when I found a window smashed in my vehicle outside of my gym. I had been creating momentum in that direction, and this was a bit of a wake-up call.


Instead of seeing this as confirmation that my fears were valid, I could feel that there was a deeper meaning to this incident.  After the initial shock, I knew that this was a message for me.  Not one agreeing with the fear that had been surfacing, but one reminding me that even when things look bleak I’m always okay.


I chat with my Soul Team a lot and after I got my shattered window cleaned up and drove away, I asked my Team for a sign of 777 (this has been our agreed upon sign for years) to let me know all was well.  A few minutes later as I pulled over to park, a truck drove by with licence plate 777 on it.  Ahhh…


I then came home to a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a heart-warming note from a friend who wanted me to know how much our friendship meant to her.  The timing was perfect.  Ahhh…


And then, the process of getting the window fixed happened easily and effortlessly – we were able to get my vehicle in first thing the next morning for less than we expected to pay, AND were still able to go ahead with my daughter’s birthday party where I was driving all the girls to the corn maze.


My inner message was confirmed.  All was well.


What I felt stronger than ever, and what I felt I was being pushed even further towards was trust.  Trust that I’m not in this alone; trust that my Soul Team always has my back; trust that even during setbacks I’m still okay; trust that a setback is actually a setup…by my Soul Team…asking me to take a look at where I’d been putting my focus.


Here’s the thing – I don’t want to focus on all the bad that is going on in the world.  I just don’t.  And that doesn’t make me neglectful.  That makes me determined to focus on the love.


Are there shitty things going in the world?  Absolutely.  But my plan of attack is to blast it all with love.  Love is a far more powerful agent in dissolving what isn’t working than fear or “trying to figure things out” ever could be.


As I recommitted myself to turning my attention to focus in the direction I wanted to focus, and to not be swayed by the awful stories that abound, this is the message I received in my inbox from a daily subscription I had signed up for…


Dearest Trisha,

What would happen if you stopped letting the Difficult World Dictator distract you with the abhorrent things that a minority are doing and focused all your attention on the infinite ways the majority of human beings are expressing Love? It would, of course, increase the expression of Love even more, because that’s what attention does: It causes whatever it’s focused on to grow.

Your Spirit

P.S. What power you have!


Message received…loud and clear.  Thank you.


In those moments of fear I was seeing the world through the lens of the collective consciousness which is steeped in fear, limitation and lack.  Instead I needed to remind myself to see the world through the eyes of Source which is enveloped in love, and is one of abundance, joy, peace, health, safety and security.


The feeling of heaviness and lack of safety gave me a glimpse and reminder of what it feels like to feel powerless; to feel stuck in a world that is riddled with violence, destruction and misery. Thankfully this is not where I normally reside, but I know that many do.


As my friend David Gross says – the only way out is up.  Meaning that the only way we can rise above the circumstances and emotions that are keeping us tethered to the densities of this world, is by elevating our consciousness (which is the sum total of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ideas), by connecting with our Source (I like to call mine my Soul Team), and remembering that we are more than we see.


We need to adjust our focus, and consistently and unapologetically put on our rose-colored glasses so that we can see the Love in the world.  The atrocities we see and hear about come through a consciousness that is ingrained with hurt, pain and misunderstanding; through a consciousness that has been muddied by mistaken thinking.


The only way to shift this is to be willing to raise your consciousness and begin to see through the lens of love, peace, and Higher Power.  And as one is willing, it inspires and uplifts others to do the same.


“The world is out of focus.  It is a blur of delusion, a darkened fog, a mirror of hurt and unforgiveness.  Through the Light the world is being brought into focus.” ~ John Randolph Price


All these fears have caused us to live in a constant state of low-grade anxiety…and for some it ain’t so low-grade.  Our bodies, whether we are aware of it or not, are in a state of tension almost all the time.  This state is the consciousness through which we are creating.


In order to change it we must learn how to relax our nervous system and allow our breath, which is the breath of life, to flow through. Whatever is going on inside of us is what is being radiated out.


Those living in the consciousness of fear will experience more of what they fear.  Those living in the consciousness of love will experience the freedom and possibilities that love brings. 


It’s for this reason that I have made it a habit to connect with my Soul Team every day.  And on the occasions where I have felt I just didn’t have time, my Team is more than happy to send me a reminder…a loud one if needed.


The fact is, that our human mind is what created these fears, and therefore it is impossible to use our human mind alone to try to correct them.  That’s where our Soul Team can swoop in and help us…in more ways than we can imagine.  Start by trusting your Team and sending out some love!