Letter to the Doubters…I’m Going for My Dreams

Letter to the Doubters…I’m Going for My Dreams

dear doubtersDear Doubters,


I really appreciate your worry, your concern, and your opinions about me going for my dreams. …Kinda. Ok wait, no actually, I don’t appreciate it at all. You can keep it to yourself. Because here’s the thing…I’m going for my dreams. I just am.


I’m not doing it so that I can prove you wrong. I have nothing to prove to you. This is for me.


I believe that we are meant to live our dreams…so I’m going for it.


Dreams don’t have to be on some grand visible platform. They don’t have to involve fame and fortune, praise and approval. They just need to be yours…whatever they may be.


In fact, my dreams don’t really have any particular form, or goal, or target, or mission. My dreams have an essence. I have a certain way I want them to feel.


Sure, I have a vision of what it all may look like, but I’ve given up the details to the divine. They can figure that part out for me. They know me and what I want much better than I ever could, BUT I do know that it’s supposed to be outrageously GOOD. So, I’m going for it.


  • I’m going for it even though my success may look different than you think it should.
  • I’m going for it even if you don’t understand how the money will come in.
  • I’m going for it even if it appears to you like no one cares and few are listening.
  • I’m going for it despite some of the missteps and set backs.
  • And I’m going to keep going for it even if it all appears to be taking too long.


I’m not stopping. Period.


It’s all part of the journey. It’s all progress. And I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.


About two years ago (I don’t know exactly, I lose track of time) I had someone say to me – “Sometimes you just need to know when to call it quits.”


I went home shocked. This came from someone I thought was one of my biggest cheerleaders. Not gonna lie…it stung a little. BUT what that comment really did was make me realize just how strong I really am. It made me thankful I didn’t know when to call it quits. It made me appreciate my unwavering and optimistic view that we get to live our dreams.


That comment also made me realize that not everyone…


  • will go after their dreams
  • will stick it out if the going gets tough
  • will go against the norm to live the life they want to live
  • believes we get to have it all


…But that’s not me. And if you’re reading this, more than likely it’s not you either.


And to all those doubters I’m talking to, I realize you may not be a doubter at all, but simply a projection of my fears, in which case, to those inner doubts, I say again…I’m not stopping.