Life flows smoothly when you listen to that inner click

Life flowsAhhh, the sound of the kids back to school….silence. It’s always the last week or two of summer where the obvious becomes more obvious….I could never home school my kids. Kudos to those of you that do!


Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love summer and spending time with my kids sans schedules, but when our “let’s treat the kids before school starts” DQ outing resulted in a family bicker fest in front of the oh so patient cashier (as an older gentlemen looked on with mild amusement, I might add), I knew it was time that we were all needin’ some space. ….separate corners please!


As we hopped back in the vehicle and chuckled at the cliché family scene we had created, my son echoed my sentiment – “I think we all need some space!” …Amen to that!


So, am I ready to get back into a bit of a routine? You betcha!


This is always the time of year that I switch my focus from being about enjoying time with the kids and being mom, to enjoying my time with me and exploring my creative pursuits. Of course, I’m still mom (although I did tell the kids I was going to change my “name”), but in the spirit of staying in balance, I can feel the click to switch gears.


It’s this inner click that I have had to learn to really listen to. When I feel it and adjust, all flows smoothly. When I have let my ideas of what I think I “should” be doing trump the inner click (aka intuition; knowing), struggle ensues.


This summer was clearly a tipping point for me…actually it happened prior to the summer…but the summer months provided a backdrop for me to really experience the evidence of a major inner shift.


I believe with every fiber of my Being that being able to relax into life is the key to enjoying every aspect of our lives…things just go so much smoother when we’re in a relaxed state.


And as much as I’ve known this, there were times where I just couldn’t let go enough and fully relax and trust all would be well. I’d feel the pull to be doing something in order to “get somewhere.”


Past summers highlighted this for me. With the kids being off I wanted to focus and just be in the moment with them. But I would encounter an inner conflict. The larger part of me could feel the inner knowing to just relax, be in the moment, and trust that I wasn’t meant to be doing anything particular…other than be around for my kids. I knew without a doubt this was my intuition talking.


But past conditioning would kick in and my mind chatter would go crazy with guilt, doubt and worry feeling that I needed to be more productive. To my credit, I didn’t cave to the persistence of those nagging thoughts since I did know what my intuition was telling me, BUT at the same time I wasn’t able to fully relax and just enjoy each moment.


So I would be suspended in this limbo state of knowing that not forcing myself to do something I wasn’t inspired to do was my best course of action (or non-action in this case), but at the same time I was negating the benefits of following my intuition by worrying and wondering if maybe, just maybe, I was wrong…that maybe I should be doing something more “valuable”.


I wasn’t wrong. I was simply still embedded with conditioning from my past.


And this summer? I knew I had dropped that conditioning. The guilt-laden mind chatter was completely gone…not even a twinge!


Now when the click to switch gears kicked in, I knew without a doubt that it was inspired versus being controlled by my past.


To many the idea of relaxing comes loaded with the notion of being lazy, but let me assure you this could not be further from the truth. When I refer to relaxing, I’m not talking about putting my feet up and watching The Bachelor with a glass of wine (…although I do enjoy that!). Rather, what I’m referring to is an inner state; a state where you feel calm and at peace on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.


When you learn how to allow this, there is no longer ever a need to “make something happen” or “figure things out” or fix something or improve something…because everything in your life will shift to take care of itself.


Don’t believe me? Don’t worry. I have much more to share on this…