Life Knows What It’s Doing

blogLife knows what it’s doing.


Do you believe that? Do you want to believe that, but can’t?


That was the case for me. I really, truly, even desperately, wanted to believe that. I wanted to be able to relax and trust that life would unfold naturally and beautifully.


But I couldn’t. Something kept stopping me.


And that thing that kept stopping me? My mind. It was so entangled in the ideas of what it meant to be safe and secure. My mind was scared shitless to go against the grain. It had gotten a little too comfortable in its role as dictator, which didn’t believe that it was possible to feel safe and secure without being in control.


But there was a persistent part of me that just couldn’t settle for how things were. Life seemed so much more complicated than it needed to be. Life felt hard doing it the way I was told do. Life felt flat following the rules that were set.


So I decided that I was going to start following that little nudge in my heart that was telling me something different. It was telling me life was supposed to be fun; life was supposed to be easy; that we were supposed to have it all…and that life actually knew what it was doing.


So, bit by bit I gave myself permission to trust what I was feeling, and I stopped making myself wrong.


Bit by bit I started undoing, unravelling and disengaging from all the ideas that weren’t even mine.


Bit by bit I stopped telling the stories I didn’t want in my life; and I started telling the ones I did.


Bit by bit I started living what I wanted; and I stopped waiting.


Bit by bit I relinquished control and aligned with my Soul.


And that’s what it takes. It’s about deciding to step out of the constraints of the norm, and be willing to take the path of the unknown. It’s about knowing there is a different way, and having the courage to take the steps to forge your own path. It’s about starting to trust that life knows what it’s doing; that the life that can keep you breathing, beat your heart, and grow your hair, is also taking care of the whole of you…it’s not just partial to keeping your body alive; it’s invested in it all!


So, now you are presented with a choice. Which will it be?


  1. The Ordinary Life – This is the safe and predictable life. It’s the one you’ve been taught; it’s what you’ve always known. This is the path of your mind. It’s ruled by rationale and logic. And it’s filled with fear, worry, doubt, and limitations. But if you do the hard work, put in your time, and live by society’s rules, you might be able to stay safe. You’ll know what you’re getting, BUT it’ll be predictable and boring as hell. …Ooops…is my bias already becoming obvious?!




  1. The Extraordinary Life – Yep, no question, this path is more unknown. This is the path of your heart. It’s inspired by creativity, joy, fun, and fulfillment. You won’t always be able to accurately predict what your future will bring, BUT guaranteed it is filled with unlimited potentials and possibilities. And although this is the unknown path, by putting your full trust in the knowing of your heart, and the faith that life always knows what it’s doing, you will end up feeling a sense of safety and security beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Kinda ironic, isn’t it?! But true.

So what’ll it be?


**a snippet from my upcoming book – “Relax…Life Knows What It’s Doing.”