#LifeIsGood Experiment

LifeisGood.jpgSo, I’m wondering…Is your life as outrageously good as you would like it to be? As outrageously good as you want it to be? …and outrageously good as it should be?


Or maybe you don’t know that it should be. Well…it really should.


And quite frankly the only thing that is keeping us from living the outrageously good life we’re meant to live is…drumroll please…our focus.


Sound too simple?


That’s the irony. It’s actually much simpler than we could ever imagine, but we haven’t trained our minds to consistently focus in the direction of our good. But when we do…more good just keeps on comin’! That’s actually a scientific fact. Look it up!


I’ve established a practice where I consciously focus on my good every day. A lot of the time it’s in the form of writing and journaling, and I frequently end my journal entries with “Life is good! TY!”


I’ve also recently been having a lot of fun with taking snapshots with my iphone.


So I thought, why not blend the two?!…and from there this idea was born!


I took the two ideas and turned it into a fun and playful experiment where I have been actively looking for my good every day…and then taking a quick pic with my iphone…and sharing it as a declaration of my good!


I gotta tell you it’s a great way to start getting the momentum going to elevate your life from ordinary (or maybe sometimes even ornery) to outrageous!


We live in the age of technology, so let’s use the very devices that we typically carry with us anyway, and turn them into an avenue to focus on our good …with a handy little app called Instragram…and a sweet little platform called Facebook!


I’ve already been doing this on my own…and it’s fun…and it definitely keeps you lookin’ out for your good! So, I wanted to extend an invitation for you to participate as well!


You can check out what I have been posting on Instagram or Facebook.


If you want to join me, it’s super simple…


1. Every day pause to take a picture (or two…or of however many you are inspired to) of something that is good in your life.


a. Use hashtag #LifeIsGood
b. Add a caption if you like…or not…you can let the pic speak for itself
c. Use Instagram or Camera App on your phone
d. Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder…since it’s probably not a habit quite yet!


2. Share on Facebook as well and don’t forget the hashtag #LifeIsGood


a. I have my Instagram account set to share with Facebook so it’s super easy
b. Or just use your camera app and post to Facebook yourself


3. If you want to follow and share all the good, as well as check out each other’s photography skills!…Let’s connect…


a. Instagram
b. Facebook – Trisha Savoia (my personal page)
c. Facebook – Absolute Awareness


I haven’t put a time frame or time limit on it, but I’d suggest at least 30 days…but if you like it…keep it going!


This isn’t about capturing award-winning photos (although skies the limit). This is about taking a pause, acknowledging all the good that surrounds you, and appreciating the seemingly ordinary…but really quite extraordinary. It can be from your kids handprints on your windows, to the gift from a friend, to the dishes in the sink….it’s ALL good…there are no limits; no exceptions.


And this isn’t about seeing how many people we can get to “like” our pics. Although that is all fine and dandy…but this is for you. To fine-tune your focus; to uplift your mood; to let your outrageous good flow.


We often get caught up in focusing on what isn’t working instead of what is.


Re-align with what is good…and then see how life responds. You live in a responsive Universe, and your focus directs it…just experiment and see.


Know that in taking these moments to bask in the gratitude and appreciation of whatever it is you are focused on, you are establishing a new pattern, a new habit, a new flow towards more of what you want. And the more you do this, the more momentum gets behind it…and over time (although it doesn’t necessarily take time) you will see a shift first in your inner world, and eventually it expands to your outer world. Now how fun is that?!


Whether life is already pretty good, but you know it could get better OR you are feeling kinda lost in the dark and need a little light….either way, focus is the way to get you on the path to how you want to feel and where you want to go.


So. Want to join me for a fun little experiment?!