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As I was moving away from (..and of course still am) past conditioning, beliefs, rules, and ideas…and moving towards love, trust, ease, and joy, there were many moments along the way where the fear, doubt, and worry would creep in, and it took all my red-headed stubbornness to not give into the old.


We are moving out of an old paradigm and into a new one, and with that there’s bound to be some struggles and resistance kicked up. Our mind doesn’t always give-in without a fight. But our heart knows better.


To help me through those moments of doubt and intense emotion, I started to compile a journal of notes, quotes, ideas, and new ways of thinking. I often would read through this journal to bring a sense of relief, and to remember the truth of who I was.


That journal became my anchor.


And I’ve now turned many of those notes into Love Notes from Your Soul Team in the hopes they can do the same for you as they did for me.


Even though these notes are from the perspective of your Soul Team which appears to be speaking to you from outside of you, these messages are really an aspect of you; they come from the broader perspective of you. Your team is you…and you are part of a Creative Intelligence that wants to uplift you, inspire you, support you, guide you, comfort you, love you…and remind you of who you are and what is possible.


So even though these notes are “technically” written by me, know that they are really reminders from your own soul.


With that being said…let’s do this!…let’s shift some energy! Sign up below…


PS. And what’s a Soul Team you ask…


I’ve got a Soul Team…and most assuredly you do too! I’m not exactly sure who is all part of my Soul Team, but I do know they’ve always got my back.


Obviously I’m part of the team…I mean, it’s my team after all.  And then I’m thinkin’ that my team looks something like this…


  • A committee of kick-ass, high-powered Angels who are on the job 24/7.
  • My Higher Self who has a bird’s eye-view of everything and keeps me on the best path….and gives me nudges when I’m wandering off.
  • My aunt who I always felt was keeping me safe and out of trouble when I was younger.
  • My mother-in-law who was fiercely protective and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Nothing and nobody is gonna mess with her.  Glad she’s on my team!
  • My childhood dog, Logan. …If he’s not mad at me for having to put him down.  But in my defense, he kept eating our neighbor’s chickens!
  • I’m also kinda hoping that Wayne Dyer is now on my team. (Wayne…this is your formal invite.)
  • And of course, part of my team is also cleverly disguised in human form.


This team…or some version of it…has kept me from feeling alone and lost many, many times. And I wanted to be the one to remind you that yours will do the same for you. You just have to remember that you have one!


Sending love,
Trisha Savoia

Trisha Savoia