Many Paths to Our Connection

soul soup3

DebI grew up without thinking too much about God, the Universe, spirituality or connection. I believed then, as I still do now, that we are all human beings and deserve the same rights, privileges and understanding; but beyond that had not gone soul deep.


In 2013 I started to notice repeating numbers that could not be ignored. I thought it was just a funny thing I noticed, but when I started looking online I found myself walking through a door into a house I had not even known was there.


I stumbled into the room called angel numbers and felt invited to explore even more.


The next two years were filled with reading and conversations around Angels, signs, symbolism, chakras, energy healing, kinesiology, oracle cards, guides and Spirit.


The fact that this coincided with my creative reawakening is not lost on me.


It seems as I tapped into my creative energy I found myself connecting more with my inner being and my soul stirring.


My dreams and gut feelings become stronger and vivid.

My anxious mind started to trust that I was not alone and that there was a virtual support team all around me.

My heart that ached told my mind to go quiet and just listen and receive and be.


Now my spiritual connection runs through my days as easily as water through my fingers.

I pull oracle cards when I want some insight or wisdom.

I breathe and talk to my angels for support when I am in the studio creating pieces for my wonderful customers.

I walk in nature with my dogs and stop to pick up feathers, take photos of beauty around me, and pay attention to possible nudges from the Universe.

I worked to build up my trust in divine timing and letting go of my constant need to control things and people. This is a constant work in progress, but I know is a key to living a happier and more peace filled life.


I truly believe we are all connected and need to be treated as such. My biggest worries are someone else’s worries as well. What happens to another could just as easily happen to me. Good and bad, light and shadow, it all surrounds us, but does not define us.


I still have so many questions, but I simply keep wandering from room to room and seeking guidance and support. I remain open and trusting.


I am a New Yorker living permanently in Australia. My work is handmade in my home studio in Brisbane. My mission in life is to spread the messages of self-compassion; wholehearted living; and that we are all connected.

The pieces I design and create help tell a story. When you wear them, they will help you feel strong and confident, enjoy your unique life adventure, and love yourself just as you are.


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