Mom’s Mountain Retreat

Yes! It IS okay to Shed Your Mom Hat & Shift Your Focus To You…
In fact it’s necessary if you truly want to be SANE…and the best person & MOM you can be.
…and what better way than with a Moms Mountain Retreat!


Let’s face it…as a mom you wear many hats & the juggling of all those hats take a toll:

  • You’re overwhelmed.
  • You feel guilty.
  • You never have enough time.
  • Your patience is low.


….And the hats are starting to drop.

You haven’t been throwing your own hat into the ring, and it causes your days to look kinda something like this:

  • You’re irritated and short-tempered because you just don’t have the space in your mind to think about one. more. thing.
  • Hearing the word “mom” when the kids are supposed to be in bed turns you into a yelling, raving lunatic
  • Getting groceries feels like a sweet escape from the chaos and demands of your time


….it feels like you’re constantly negotiating time

And deep down you know…

  • There’s gotta be more to life than schedules & obligations
  • Things can’t keep going the way they’re going…and be happy
  • This is not the message you want to model for your kids


I’ve Created this Moms Mountain Retreat where you not only get to FINALLY focus on YOU
but where you’ll also learn how to start living your life in a way that serves you and your family


You’re gonna walk away:

  • equipped to take care of yourself and your soul needs at a higher level, so that you are able to catch yourself & respond to life with greater peace and calm
  • shedding the guilt that comes along with overwhelm and feeling you’ve dropped one too many hats, so that you can go with the flow of life instead of resist it
  • knowing and understanding yourself at a deeper level, so that you can joyfully take ownership of the direction of your life, as well as know and understand your children at a deeper level


This Retreat is NOT an escape from your current life, only to return after the weekend back to the chaos and overwhelm.

This Retreat gives you the opportunity to return to life renewed, refreshed, and reinvented,
with a revitalized confidence in yourself, your parenting, and the direction you want to go.



This is what you will get:

Soul-Searching Group Sessions & Discussions

Through our sessions & discussions you will focus on yourself, your needs…who you want to be & what you want, as well as how this applies to and impacts your parenting.

We’ll be delving deep (in ways you probably haven’t heard discussed before) into the conversations of:

  • Self – Care
  • Creating Balance
  • Nurturing Relationships (to yourself and others)

Spaciousness (ahh…who doesn’t love the sound of that?!)

I’ve created our schedule to be spacious so that not only will you focus on your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Soul Needs, but you will also have time to nurture your Physical Soul needs.

Relax, rejuvenate & pamper yourself in nature or maybe even enjoy a spa experience. Hey! Why not?! (**I will provide the time, however if you choose to enjoy a spa treatment the booking and cost is up to you. I can, however, provide you with spa recommendations! The spa is one of my favorite things after all!)

Enjoy the beautiful, majestic & healing effects of the mountains.

Friday Evening Wine & Align

After you’ve settled into your room and had some dinner, we will have a little meet and greet…get the conversations started…and enjoy a little vino!

Pssst, and here are some perks that are priceless…

  • The comfort & connection of soul-nurturing, uninterrupted conversations with other like-minded moms
  • Leisurely sipping wine in the evening knowing you have nowhere else you need to be
  • Learning & laughter in a safe and open environment
  • A room to yourself…or whoever you may CHOOSE to share it with! No little ones trying to sneak in in the middle of the night
  • No far off echo callings of “mom, mom….MOM!”
  • No cooking, no cleaning
  • No guilt in feeling “there’s something else you should be doing”
  • AND…you can wear yoga pants & slippers all day if you so choose

Sounds great Trish! When & Where?!

When: June 13-15, 2015
Where: We will be located in Canmore, the gem of the Albertan Canadian Rockies.

Yes! I want to shed the mom hat for a weekend & focus on myself guilt-free!

I understand that I’ll receive:

  • 4 Group Sessions with focused topic, as well as time for discussion…since this is where a lot of the aha’s happen
  • Worksheets & Exercises to put your thoughts, feelings & action plans onto paper. Putting pen to paper is powerful!
  • Time to Experience Walks in Nature or the Spa (spa is an additional cost) – time will be created where you can pamper yourself with a spa treatment…or just walk the beautiful trails and streets of Canmore!

And don’t worry!…I’ll bring the wine!

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If you have ANY questions about this program, please contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Trisha ~xox




I enjoy the comfy cozy atmosphere of being surrounded by the mountains while having heart-opening and life-changing conversations. A conversation is natural, it’s simple…and it’s powerful. Too often we try to complicate things when all we really need is connection, conversation…and the openness & willingness to see things another way. This weekend retreat gives us the perfect opportunity to nurture our souls on many levels. I hope you can join me. Love.