New Energy/Old Energy. Which Do You Choose to Live In?

We are living in a new energy…but there is still the playing out of the old energy going on. What this new energy provides us is the potential for new choices. You don’t have to stay stuck in a life that doesn’t leave you waking up looking forward to each day. That’s the old energy. …and through you becoming aware and conscious that there is something else available, you must take responsibility for what you choose.


The new energy is a place of ease, freedom, joy, and abundance; there is no struggle here. The old energy is mired in old programs, conditions, and emotions. …and you are now being continually presented with the choice of which energy you want to live in. Anything that is showing up in your current reality provides you with a new choice, and that choice essentially boils down to – do you choose fear or do you choose love?


You create your own universe; the vibrational dimension you live in, with every single choice you make. Every time you choose love you are choosing a higher consciousness. Every time you choose love you are tuning into a new vibrational reality.


Just because others may not be making the higher vibrational choices does not mean that you are doomed to live in the lower vibrations with them. You are sovereign. You have authority over your own reality. Two people can be living side by side, yet be living two entirely different realities/experiences. Others choices do not affect your own…unless you let them.


This does take a dedication, and commitment on your part. You have to choose your higher vibrational reality moment by moment. You have to be willing to do what it takes to elevate your consciousness, to connect inside, and to maintain the higher vibration.


This isn’t about letting your head run the show. This is about being willing to open your heart and create something new. xo





Conscious Creation Course:

15 Days to Set a New Trajectory for Your Life


Becoming a conscious creator requires you to be willing to let go of your old conditioning and embrace your true divine nature.


You are not at the whim of outside forces.


You are a creator…a co-creator to be more precise. You came here to intermingle and participate in the worldly adventures that are possible for you. You came here for the adventure, fun and joy of it all. And you have a strong and powerful presence that is the larger part of you that remained in non-physical form that is coordinating, guiding, and along-side you the entire way.


You need to own your creator status. This free course will help you to own who you are, clear your energy field, and reprogram your life for even better. In the span of these  15 short days you will have set an entirely new trajectory for where your life is going.