15 Days of Practicing Gratitude & Love to Shape Your New & Upgraded Reality!


What we focus on expands. What we appreciate increases.


…So let’s use these nuggets of wisdom, and up the ante for how we live our lives!


We so often focus on what we don’t yet have instead of appreciating what we already do. The main reason for this is because we’ve been taught that we need to set our sights on our goals and valiantly strive for them.


…And gratitude gets lost in the race.


Here’s the scoop – we’ve been going about things the hard way for way too long. The truth is, we live in an energetic Universe that responds to the trend of our thoughts and feelings.


When we lock our sights on our goals, and focus too far ahead of ourselves, the vibe we send is one of – I want that, but I don’t have it yet, so I have to keep working hard to get that thing that I don’t yet have. …So the Universe responds in kind, giving us more of what we don’t yet have.


However, if you can learn to switch your focus to gratitude for what you already have, the Universe sends you more to be grateful for.


But, here’s the thing – you can’t bullshit the Universe.


Gratitude isn’t a “tool or strategy” to get more of what you want. You can’t “try” to be thankful with the motivation to “get” more. The Universe picks right up on that! Your gratitude must come from a genuine and sincere place, where in this moment you absolutely feel the love and appreciation for the life you’ve created up to this point, and know you already have everything you need.


That doesn’t mean you’re settling. That means you are happy where you are, and aware and eager for more to come in.


We have such a practiced habit of focusing on what we want and where we want to be, that it takes practice to focus back into the present moment…with gratitude.


Of course, we know we are thankful for the life we have, but there often is a subtle underlying energetic vibe of – Yeah, but…I don’t have “this or that” yet. So we need to get into the practice of retraining and refocusing our energy back into a place of genuine appreciation and acknowledgement of what we do have.


And here’s something I want you to be aware of – You actually truly DO already have everything you could possibly want. Every want and every desire you have ever thought of, could only be thought of because it’s already a potential in the quantum field – the field of consciousness that houses every potential and possibility; the field that is infinite and limitless.


So here’s something to think about. When you want something, it’s already yours. It’s already in a vibrational dimension, and it’s just waiting for you to catch up with it. To bring it into your current reality, you must raise your vibration to match it. And nothing is more powerful than feeling gratitude to raise your vibration to catch up with what you want.


Nothing is more important than you feeling good. When you feel good, all good things can come.


You’ll be receiving 15 days of 15 prompts to get you focused and in the practice of the higher energy of gratitude.


So it’s time to start appreciating what you already have, AND at the same time start appreciating what is on its way!


Participate in my New Focus; New Reality Experiment

…and see what unfolds!

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