New Look. New Direction. New Possibilities.

newlookI’ve been going through my own personal “upgrades” (at least that’s what I like to call them!) and it seemed only fitting that the look and feel of my site get upgraded along with me!  Its still got some tweaks underway, BUT I’ve decided I’m moving forward warts and all….perfectionism be damned!


In addition to a new look for my website, I’m also slightly shifting the direction I’m going.  I say slightly, since living life without struggle and with your own flare has always been the underlying current of why I share what I share; why I do what I do….and it mostly certainly has been a major theme in my life.


Of course, the topic of Soulful Parenting is still of interest to me, so I’m definitely keeping that avenue open.  I mean, I am still a parent after all, so that’ll always be close to my heart. But I’m expanding the focus to where I know the crux of it all lies.


The reason that I have felt so connected and intuitive in my parenting isn’t because I focused on parenting, it’s because I focused on me…my growth, self-expression and joy.


From that point of focus it’s a great platform to fine-tune your parenting and gain more knowledge and understanding.  But all the knowledge and understanding is meaningless if we are still parenting from our limited, small self…the self that has wounds, doubts, fears, worries, and lacks clarity on what it really wants in life.


Here’s what I know – that when we focus on ourselves first, and do the inner “work” that is needed there…everything else naturally and organically falls into place…yep, even parenting!


And when I say “work, ” I’m not referring to some arduous, painstaking task of digging and sifting through your past shit just so that you can get to a place of being happy.  Nope, it’s a hellva lot more fun than that!  Sure you can go the shit shovelling route…but why?  Ya don’t need to!  Trust me.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a pretty good life. BUT somewhere along the way we were taught that life was about struggle, striving and sacrifice.


It’s not.  They got it wrong.


I’ve always had this deeper inner suspicion they had it wrong.  And although exposing evidence of this suspicion didn’t always take a direct route, I’ve experimented and experienced more than enough to know that my intuitive hunch was right.


Life is meant to be fun, easy and joyful!


So you will see my writing…and whatever else I choose to do…reflect what I’ve always suspected, and what I think we all need to remember.


…Because life doesn’t need to be a struggle.