No Need to Learn the Hard Way

No Need to Learn the Hard Way

On several occasions I have been asked the question, “What happened that led to you making a change in your life?” Because we hear so many stories about people going through something traumatic which was the catalyst that led to change, many assume that is what needs to happen in order for dramatic change to

I can relate to this line of thinking, since at the beginning of my journey I fell into it as well. Through the books, seminars, courses, and conferences I attended, I would repeatedly hear vivid examples and stories of the immense struggle and adversity people went through that led to their “light bulb” moment. In reading and hearing all these stories, and knowing that I never went through even half the turmoil others endured, I actually started to become fearful that I had to go through some heartbreak and tragedy at some point in order to truly learn. I thought, “maybe it’s still on the way.” As silly as it sounds to me now, it seemed inevitable from everything I had been encountering up until that point.

I read and heard about countless people who had gone bankrupt, later to become millionaires, or about someone who had a severe illness which helped them understand what was truly important. I was concerned that only these unfortunate circumstances led to true knowledge and understanding. I clearly was starting to buy into the notion that struggle equates to value, however something about that just didn’t feel right.

Though these type of circumstances certainly do lead to evaluating the direction of ones life, that does not have to be the case…and wasn’t the case for me!

We do not have to hit “rock bottom” in order to realize the need to change. Feelings of discontent, purposelessness, being overwhelmed and over-scheduled are all indictors that something is out of balance and some self reflection may be called for. However, if we don’t listen to these initial warning signs, the messages that something needs to change will get louder and louder, so that eventually we have no choice but to listen.

Have you been receiving any “messages”?

Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the The Integrity Code, and The Soulful Parent Programs. Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills, experience, and intuition as a mother, teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Entrepreneur to help guide moms to recover their true selves and their intuition, while at the same time learn how to parent so their children can do the same.