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31 Days to start living in a state of Ease, Calm & Peace!


Ok, I have to point out the irony in using the word challenge since challenge is just the kinda thing we want to move away from, BUT in this case I’m using the word in the sense of “inviting you to engage.”  No hard work.  No forcing. No pushing yourself.  Just a whole lotta fun and engaging in a new way of living!


So, now that we’re clear on that…


Why am I inviting you to participate in this Challenge?


Well, here’s the thing.  It has becoming glaringly obvious that a lot of the struggles, overwhelm, and frustrations that are being experienced by so many boil down to one thing – being in STRIVING MODE.


By definition striving means to make strenuous efforts toward any goal.


Now, this definition may not initially cause you any red flags.  And the reason for that is that we have been taught to admire, applaud, and be inspired by those who take great measures of effort and struggle to reach their goals. We’ve been taught that struggle is just part of life.


BUT if we’re being honest, it’s pretty obvious that this paradigm of thinking and being no longer works…never really did.


The striving to get somewhere, have something, & be someone keeps our nervous system in hyper-drive and not only can make us sick, it keeps us from fully embracing and enjoying the life we have.


We live in a society that is more stressed, burnt out, and anxiety ridden than ever before.


Striving is what keeps us busy, over-scheduled, anxious and stressed. It is the source of our disconnect.


So, what’s the alternative?


Learning to relax into life and allowing your heart’s desires to come to you. Yep…that’s what happens when you relax and continually live in a state of ease, calm and peace.


Now, to be clear, it won’t happen with a snap of your fingers.  There are a few thoughts, beliefs and ideas that you’ll need to undo before it becomes your default way of life.  But it is absolutely possible…and in fact it is how you are meant to live. Your soul has always known this…you just missed the earlier memo.


By simply becoming aware & making conscious shifts you can…

  • Quiet the mental chatter that holds you captive & replace it with supportive truths
  • Simplify your life by releasing shoulds, have tos & musts
  • Stop feeling guilty for relaxing & not being “productive”
  • Refrain from putting unnecessary pressure on your children & build a deeper connection
  • Release worry and anxiety & begin to trust the flow of life
  • Be light-hearted & have more fun!

The No Striving Challenge will bring you 31 days of insights, awarenesses, stories & inspired action steps that will start you on the road to moving you from…

  • struggle to ease
  • frustration to calm
  • overwhelm to peace

Join the No Striving Challenge.

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