On the Way to Easy it Can Feel Hard as Hell

I’ve been questioned on my belief that life is meant to be easy. And it’s a good question. Especially in the face of so many feeling that life is anything but easy.


I get it. When things aren’t feeling so easy that kind of statement just pisses you off, right?


There have been times I’ve questioned myself as well. Especially when I’m having one of my crybaby-pee-pee-pants days. …and yes despite my beliefs, I still have them. And when I do, I sometimes just want to throw in the towel.


But I just can’t. I just can’t let go of this deep knowing we are meant to live much easier lives. And although I feel it, I’m not a visionary that came up with this unique and quirky idea. This is ancient information that has been around since the dawn of time. This message has been trying to get through to us for centuries. I’m no savant trying to create a world that is against its nature. I’m just trying to live the life we were always meant to live.


We are meant to have easy lives. BUT we were never brought up that way. In fact we were taught, and lead through example, in completely opposite ways.


We were taught to praise struggle; to wear it as a badge of honor. We were taught that struggle is just part of life.


So it stands to reason that I sound a little crazy when I lay claim to life being easy.


But life being easy is the vision. It’s possible, and it’s attainable. However, we need to step out of the old ways of thinking and living to get there. 


If you don’t believe it’s possible, well…it definitely won’t be for you. Because our reality always forms to the beliefs we have about it.


If you do believe it…great! You just need to keep holding the vision and seeing past the gunk that may be in the path of your easy life.


So yeah, on your way to easy…it can feel hard as hell!!! 


The reason being because we have so much misinformed crap in the way that we need to work through it and purge it so that we can get to our happy. Life being easy and happy is our default; it’s our divine birthright. We don’t need to strive for it. It’s already ours. We just need to get everything that came to be in the way of it out of our way!


The good news is that we are now living in energies that support the uplifting of all the densities in a way that was never been possible before. Our entire world is changing. You’re not doing this on your own…you never were.


You do, however, need to take responsibility and decide which reality you want to play in – the easy one, or the hard one.


Whatever you choose, you will live. 


In your choosing the elevated and easy life, don’t lose hope when the hard parts come…and they do. Believe me, I’ve had my share of temper tantrums with the Universe.


But here’s my thing – I feel a whole hellva lot happier moving towards and holding the vision of an easy and fulfilling life, than I would be giving up and settling for a mediocre and uninspired life.


If it sounds crazy to dream of a world filled with ease, peace, love and abundance. Well, crown me crazy. I’m not interested in settling for the other world. 


For those who are tied and attached to their stories of hardship, what feels like sanity to me will look like insanity to them. 


And it’s worth keeping in mind…its always been the ones willing to lean out onto the edge of new possibilities that have created the most change. So on that note, care to be crowned crazy with me?!


“A little madness is key to give us new colors to see.” ~ Line from the movie La La Land. (…and yes, I had to be a Tommy Texter in the middle of the movie to capture this line into my phone. 😉 )