Paradigm Buster: Re-Thinking Aging

pb4webWe have bought into the idea that our bodies disintegrate as we age. As we watch the amount of candles on the cake go up, we watch with trepidation as our bodies go down.

We’ve come to believe that it is normal and the way of life for our bodies to eventually hit a point where they will be riddled with aches and pains, and from there develop into some form of debilitating disease that will ultimately led to our death.

We’ve equated aging with disease and dying.

And oh my have we got it wrong!

We are consciousness. Our bodies are consciousness. …and our bodies respond to the thoughts and beliefs that we think.

Aging with decline is just a belief that enough people have mutually agreed upon thereby solidifying it to look like fact.

But there are no facts in this Universe we live in. There is only that which we focus on to make true.

There are many, many ideas that we have never questioned because we have simply believed them to be true and a product of living on this Earth. It’s time to question them. It’s time to challenge them.

You get to determine your journey. You get to participate in the unfolding of your life. …and just because so many others believe one thing to be true, does not mean it needs to be true for you.

It’s time to blaze some trails, and set an example that cause others to also question the ideas and systems they’ve innocently, yet blindly bought into.

It’s time to age with joy, grace, and vibrant health.

…and when it’s time to go, we can quietly and naturally slip out of this form, and return back into the vast field of loving consciousness that we came from.

No drama necessary!