Paradigm Buster: Re-Thinking Health

pb3webYou are not doomed to your DNA.
Health is not a product of your genetic makeup. Rather it is a product of your consciousness – the thoughts, feelings, ideas, and beliefs you hold.
For way too long, science has asserted that our health was informed, instructed and governed through genetics, heredity, and history, but this is not even close to the whole story.
Sure you may have some pre-dispositions or genetic markers that have been carried over through the past, but these in no way limit you or your health. These remain dormant unless activated through your focus and/or expectation of them. …and when they are not given your focus, worry or concern, they are left to disband and deactivate.
YES…you are that powerful. YES…you can re-write your DNA.
We do not live in a Universe where disease and sickness are natural. These are NOT our natural states.
We’ve allowed them to become our norm. We’ve come to expect that disease, sickness, aches and pains are part of our human experience. But they don’t have to be.
Now, this is not to say that if you are currently experiencing anything less than perfect health that you have done something wrong. That is most definitely not the case. It just means that you have been participating in the world in the way you were taught. You are experiencing what you were taught to expect of your health and body. But you get to choose differently.
However, the “cure” is not found through traditional means only. That is one avenue you can use to help bring you back into whole health, but what is really required to return back to vibrant health and well-being is the remembrance of who you are. You must remember that you are an aspect of the divine and are made up of the same substance as your Creator…and your Creator is always aligned with perfect health…so when you take the time to merge with the same energy as your Source you are automatically brought back into alignment with your divine health.
In many cases, disease and sickness is being used to wake people up. It’s a symptom that cannot be ignored. Any lack of health is asking you to remember and realign with the truth of your divine health.
Everything is consciousness and your body will respond to your new and elevated remembrance, as well as your new and upgraded thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Remain open and allow your body to shift back into whole health through insisting on your divine right of vibrant health.
Ill health is not something that happens to you, but rather is feedback from your soul. It is letting you know where you are out of alignment. It is letting you know where your thoughts and beliefs have been misguided and mislead.
There is always a way to come back into full alignment with whole health. For some coming back into alignment with health may mean that it occurs on the other side of the veil. It doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s going to happen in this dimension…but it certainly has the possibility to.
It is time to shift our understanding, awareness, and perceptions on health, and take ownership and responsibility for the role we play in it all.