Paradigm Buster: Re-Thinking Money

pb1webOhh money. We have let money determine so many aspects of our lives. We have allowed it to make choices for us – what we can and can’t do. We’ve used it as a symbol of status, thinking it reflects our value. We’ve often felt restricted by it because we feel there’s not enough. We’ve allowed it to keep us hinged to a job or career or business that does not bring us joy. We’ve let it cause worry, fear, and doubt.
Of course there are also many wonderful things it has allowed us to do too. It’s allowed us to enjoy experiences, travel the world, and share with others.
But no matter the part that money has played in your life, it is without a doubt that you have felt that you needed to take certain actions, work certain jobs, and labor to get it.
We have been taught through centuries of teaching and manipulation that money is hard; that we have to work for it and often struggle to get it.
Over thousands of years we have become so far removed from the truth of who we are that we have made everything that appears to be outside of us separate from us…and that includes money. We believe that money is something outside of us that needs to be worked for, strived for, and earned.
And this is so, so, so WRONG.
We have been defrauded out of our rightful entitlement to vast forms of abundance – money being one of those forms.
Past rulers that were hungrily seeking outward symbols of power constructed a system that was sure to keep people from their own inherent inner power. The system of having to work for survival was put in place, and with that in place the ideas of lack, limitation, and not enough came into being.
And this construct has been kept in place and been evolved into a more fancy version of slavery.
We are not free within this system.
Because here’s the truth. You are naturally abundant. You are an aspect of the Divine Creator. You and money…and absolutely everything else…are made up of the same substance. You are not separate from money. Money is not something outside of you.
You have the power to call money to you in easy and joyful ways…there are unlimited ways it can come to you, not only the ways that you’ve been taught to expect it through. It’s time to open up to the unlimited possibilities. Don’t shut down channels through your limited views.
You do not need to work hard for it. You do not need to strive to get it. You simply have to remember that you are a divine being with a divine inheritance…and then follow your divine guidance.
It does not represent your value or worthiness. You are worthy simply because of who you are. You are entitled.
But the training we have been ingrained with has caused us to stray far from this truth, and has led us to lead lives that cause us to be victims to our money.
We aren’t victims. We’ve just forgotten.
…and now it’s time to wake up.