Paradigm Buster: Re-Thinking Parenting

pb7webYour children don’t belong to you. They were birthed by you, you contributed your genes, and you are a provider & guider for them…but they do not belong to you.

They came here equipped with their own soul agenda, their own inner guidance, and their own paths.

It’s not up to you to dictate and enforce what you think is best for them.

They have a guidance system that is strong…it is precise and reliable. And they haven’t been tainted and tarnished by the conditioning that we as adults have.

If left to their own devices they will always choose in the direction of their highest good. Not because you taught them to, but because that’s their default system. They haven’t lost their connection to the divine as we have.

As parents we falsely believe it’s up to us to teach them what needs to be taught. But the truth is, if you’re wise enough to watch and listen, they are here to teach you.

They have not been swayed from their inner guidance…unless you and the outside world have already started chipping away at it and coaxing them to listen outside of themselves…so it’s in your best interest to take note and take heed. They know what’s best for themselves. Trust them. …and trust yourself to trust them.

There are many trailblazers out there. They are the ones being called the trouble-makers, and they are the ones that are being medicated in order to be better handled and to fit into a society that they intuitively know at a deep level is broken and lost.

They shouldn’t be shunned, quieted, and labelled. They should be listened to. If you were to take the time to listen to the inner workings of their minds and hearts, you would hear of a different way. You may see that there are other options.


They’ve been forced into a system that doesn’t work. They know at a soul level that our dominant intent is freedom…and we are currently anything but free.

They didn’t come here to stir up trouble…well, in a way I guess they did…but not in the way you believe. They came here to help bring in the new. They came here because we needed help. They came here because they saw we were mistakenly heading down paths that continued to lead us further and further away from the truth of who we really are.

So don’t discipline, nag, judge and berate their inner knowing out of them. They’re here to set an example.

Let them be who they are…because we need them…the world needs them…you need them.

So take a closer look with fresh eyes and an open heart…do you have a trailblazer living in your midst that until now has been designated the title of problem child?

Hmm…let’s re-think that.