Paradigm Buster: Re-Thinking Relationships

pb6webRelationships are more to us than what meets the eye.
We’ve viewed them as a way to connect, love, and enjoy shared experiences together. Or they have felt like connections we have gotten stuck with and must endure and overcome.
Either way, they actually serve a much higher purpose for us. They help us to know ourselves better.
Through our relationships we sees ourselves reflected back. When we are aware and willing enough to look we can see what is going on in our inner worlds by recognizing what is being echoed back.
>If you are feeling victim to life, most assuredly you will be living with or be met with people who are victimizing you.
>If you feel small and invisible, others will not see you.
>If you feel anger and resentful, you will encounter others spewing the same.
>If you feel jealousy and envy, you will attract others to be jealous and envious of.
>If you feel restricted and limited, you will be in a battle with those who want to restrict and limit you through their judgments, expectations and actions.
>If you judge and criticize yourself and others, you will be met with the same energy coming back to you.
>If you’re encountering a lot of conflict, somewhere within you you are in conflict with yourself.
>If you feel empowered and playful, you will enjoy the interactions with others participating in the same.
>If you feel joy and love, you will be met with smiles, hugs, and laughter.
Whatever is going on within you, you will experience in your interactions and in your world. The dramas in your inner world will be outpictured as dramas in your outer world.
You are a co-creator in your world. Everyone has a part to play, and they play it according to the frequency you emit and the expectations you consciously or unconsciously transmit.
So pay attention to your relationships. They are feedback from you soul.
…and yes, sometimes someone being a jerk is just someone being a jerk. That’s not about you…unless of course it triggers you and causes a reaction in you. If that happens, then yep, it is then actually about you. There is something in it for you to pay attention to.
Whatever is not working for you is a prompt for you to own your power, to stop believing in your stories, and to let go of expectations, resentments, and unforgiveness.
It is a call to come back into a place of unconditional love, divine love for all and for yourself. It is asking you to not only remember the truth of who you are, but to also remember that all those you see before you are also divine beings in human form.
As you raise your consciousness, the level of your relationships raises with it.