Paradigm Buster: Re-Thinking Weight

pb5webMany have battled with their weight. They’ve allowed it to make them wrong. They’ve allowed it to shame them. They’ve allowed it to keep them feeling limited and small.

And in our quest to fight this battle we enlist dietians, nutritionists, personal trainers; we subject ourselves to the gluttony of weight loss books and paraphernalia; and we belittle ourselves into abiding by restrictive diets and intense exercise. …all in the name of trying to look our best.

But all these methods are practices steeped in the old ideas of how we should look…and what we should, need, and must do in order to get there.

But our body knows best. It knows what shape is perfect for its optimal health and size.

….and it most certainly does not require rigorous processes and systems to get it there.

It requires a raising of consciousness.

We are not solid form. We are malleable, movable, and always changing particles of consciousness that shift, shape, and form to our dominant thoughts and feelings.

Food has no power over us. We’ve given it power, but it’s a false power that easily crumbles in the face of truth…the truth that we live in a fluid and flexible Universe and participate in the shaping of our lives.

Our thoughts and feeling hold much more power than food and exercise could ever exert.

Food and exercise are aspects outside of us that can only be influenced through hard work, determination, and struggle.

When we remember the truth of who we are; that we are divine beings entitled to vibrant health in a shape that supports us and that we feel good in, we don’t have to resort to using outside forces.

Sure, food and exercise contribute to our energy and vitality, but even they respond to our dominant thoughts. We make the foods good or bad based on the thoughts we think about them and the energy we send them. Our body has its own creative intelligence, so trust it to be able to properly utilize all foods – take what it needs from it and release what is not needed. Whatever is not needed does not need to stick around and wreak havoc with our body. …it can release it. …but we need to let it. We need to stop restricting and limiting our body from doing what it inherently was equipped to do.

Food and exercise in no way dictate our weight and size. …that is determined by our consistent focus, and our remembrance of who we really are.

I’m not advocating for a diet based on donuts and Cheetos, since your body will intuitively let you know what it requires for its optimal functioning, but what I am saying is that if you do choose to eat those, eat them joyfully without guilt, because your body knows exactly what to do with it. You’re not doing anything “bad” as we’ve been taught to believe.

Trust your body. Create a relationship with your body. It is guiding you. And through your thoughts, feelings and beliefs you are also guiding it.

It’s time to upgrade this old, worn-out, and limiting paradigm!