Practice #1 – Nurturing Your Soul Needs

1st Essential Practice to Creating a Guilt-Free, Yell-Free Home

…And Connecting Deeply With Your Kids

Practice #1 – Nurturing Your Soul Needs


Nurture Your Soul Needs


You’ve probably heard it before, and your gonna hear it again …because it really is a necessary piece in creating a peaceful home. You NEED to take care of yourself!


We can become so focused on our children – their needs, their activities, their health and well-being… And granted, these absolutely ARE important, BUT guess what?! …so are you.


Having had children does not mean that your entire world exists only to revolve around their every whim. You probably know this, but do you actually do anything about it??? Do you consider yourself and what you need throughout your days? Come on…be honest.


So here it is…in order to be the kind of parent and example you want to be, you MUST take care of yourself and your needs.


You have 4 Soul Needs:

1. Physical Soul Needs – this is what your body needs in order to fully support you – exercise, balanced diet, sleep, and your environment (who and what you expose yourself to).


If you’re listening, your body lets you know when it’s not getting what it needs. In most cases, it’s something minor like a cold or headache. BUT if you continue to deny your Physical Soul Needs the messages WILL get louder. And here’s the thing, when you’re not feeling at your physical best, it definitely affects how you interact with your children. It’s all the more likely that you can resort to impatience, irritability and snippiness.


Am I speaking from experience? Maaaaybe….


So, give your body what it needs! Yep, it’s that simple. No more excuses.

2. Mental Soul Needs – this is what your mind needs in order to fully support you – focus on your thoughts, words and actions. Your thoughts, words, and actions impact and influence your reality.


When your mind is filled with agendas, to-dos and running around, it doesn’t leave much space to handle moments where your kids interrupt, aren’t listening, or things don’t go quite as planned. You aren’t in the frame of mind where you can pay attention to your thoughts, words and actions. Instead you are living in reactive mode.


So, to calm the monkey mind, start becoming aware of your thoughts, be conscious of the words you choose to share, and elect to take actions that will support you in creating a peaceful home and a connection with your children.

3. Emotional Soul Needs – this is what your heart needs in order to fully support you – relationship to yourself and others.


When your Emotional Soul Needs aren’t nurtured, you end up unconsciously passing your “stuff” onto your kids. I know you don’t want to, but it can’t help but happen. All the bits and pieces that you don’t love and accept about yourself…guess who inadvertently picks up on them? And guess who ends up being on the receiving end of those unhealed emotions and relationships?


So, take time to begin (or continue) understanding yourself and examining your relationships. Here’s a hint…anytime you get triggered by something or someone, there’s a message there for ya!

4. Spiritual Soul Needs – this is what your spirit needs in order to fully support you – solitude, simplicity, and connection (to others and your Higher Power – whatever you want to call it).


For many, this is a big missing piece….and it is the most vital piece. When we don’t explore and nurture our Spiritual Soul Needs we have a sense that we are alone in all this. We forget that we are connected to a Higher Power that has our back. When this happens we feel that it’s completely up to us on all levels to manage and control our lives. And yep, that can feel very lonely, and makes life feel like a lot of work.


To tap back into your spiritual connection, slow down your pace of life and allow space for solitude and simplicity.

So, to sum it all up! …when 1 or more of your Soul Needs is not being nurtured, your soul let’s ya know! A very common side effect of not taking care of ourselves is (drum roll please) ….taking out our frustration and overwhelm on our kids (and spouse)!


…which leads to guilt, which leads to being hard on yourself, which leads to more frustration and overwhelm, which leads to taking it out on those closest to you, which leads to more guilt. ….and repeat cycle.


So, not only is it important to take care of yourself for your sake….you’re doing your kids a favour too!


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