Practice #3 – Dissolve the Need for Discipline

3rd Essential Practice to Creating a Guilt-Free, Yell-Free Home

…And Connecting Deeply With Your Kids

Practice #3 – Dissolve the Need for Discipline



Dissolve the Need for Discipline


We are so immersed in the idea of discipline that it can be difficult to see a clear path to raising our children in a different way.


Most parenting struggles occur because we’re still parenting from the old paradigm. But here’s the thing, kids are more in-tune, aware, intuitive, and sensitive than ever before, so the old ways aren’t working. We are in a period of transition into the new, but while in this transition, if not aware of the new way (which is free of rules & judgements), struggles and behaviour problems will happen…and even escalate.

The reason the old no longer works is because it is still under the premise we, as parents, are the all-abiding authority. It’s not our intention, BUT we kinda have our own agenda when we’re coming from a place of authority…and it has been set by society with a lot of past conditioning.


I call the path of parenting from the old paradigm, Parenting from Ego, which comes from:

  • Fear
  • Control
  • Past programming


When we wake up to the awareness that the old way isn’t working, we can then Parent with Soul, which allows:

  • Creative Expression
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Unconditional Love


When we shift into Parenting with Soul the need for the old idea of discipline falls away.


Parenting with Soul is allowing kids to be who they are and trusting they can listen to their own intuition. This doesn’t mean we let them run amuck with no guidance; it just means that we start bringing them into the conversation. This starts with understanding their Soul Needs. Just as we have Soul Needs so do they, and behaviour and struggles don’t happen unless one of their Soul Needs isn’t being met.


And the biggest missing pieces to their Soul Needs not being met, revolves around their Emotional and Spiritual Soul Needs! (but we explore them all!)


We don’t realize it but the main reason we experience struggles and disconnection with our children is because we aren’t letting our kids be who they are…and their souls are fighting back! And when they aren’t allowed to be who they are, their intuition gets shut down, their soul starts to talk back, and it often results in rebellion and/or shutting down.


We have been layered with so much conditioning and rules of how to be as parents that we’ve lost the ability to know how to let them be who they are. We were never given the opportunity to be who we are, so how do we do it for our kids?


I would love for you to join me as we explore these ideas (and many more!). We’ll be taking it wide and deep, and assure you, you will not be lost for long!


So please check out the details for The Soulful Parent Program, and if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, let’s do this!


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