The Soulful Parent

It’s hard being a parent. And tiring. And draining. BUT also rewarding, satisfying…and you wouldn’t give it up for the world.


As badly as you wanted to be a parent, the urgencies of life can pull you in many directions making it difficult to remain focused on what matters most, and wondering if you are doing the best job.


With that comes the guilt of knowing you aren’t always living up to being the kind of parent you want to be. As parents, guilt certainly is not foreign to us.





“The child supplies the power, but the parents have to do the steering.” ~Benjamin Spock





With your children do you find:

  • You can be irritated and short-tempered?
  • You are often saying “in a minute?”
  • You feel like a broken-record?
  • You worry if they are making the best choices?
  • You get frustrated with their attitudes?
  • You give into technology being a babysitter?
  • You feel like their cleaner, cook, and chauffeur?


You can find an abundance of “how to” manuals when it comes to parenting, but the best parenting practice of all is Soulful Parenting. This means knowing yourself, and your child so that you can make the best choices from a deep place of awareness and understanding.


The way to make the good parts better, and the hard parts easier is to ease the burden of wondering if you are doing everything “right.”


We all want to be the best parents we can be, and I believe that means raising our children to know who they are, as well as being able to stay tapped into their intuitive sense.


Many of our frustrations in parenting occur because we are not connecting with our children at the level of understanding of who they truly are. To do this means examining our old style of parenting, and learning new ways to raise today’s children.


Click below to look at how we can successfully raise children in this physical world, while teaching them how to listen to their intuition by connecting to their spiritual world.
To live successful, purposeful, and fulfilled lives means living with one foot in both worlds.