8 Week Relax into Life Program


You’re supposed to have an outrageously good life. No joke. It’s your Divine Inheritance to be living an absolutely amazing life.


But we’ve been going about getting this good life in a completely backwards way.  We’ve been going about it the hard way – efforting, striving, struggling and trying to make things happen. We have been misled into thinking this is the only way to get anywhere, have anything, or be anyone.


…and it’s completely wrong.


The exact opposite is true. When we relax into life we find that life happens for us; that life happens through us; and that it becomes a life filled with ease, peace, freedom and joy…and all the outer embellishments to go along with that.


But how do you relax and trust when you’ve been conditioned to believe

that you need to be productive, busy and work hard to have a good life?


Well, I’m not gonna lie, it will take some practice, patience, undoing and relearning. But I promise you it is absolutely worth it.


Cause here’s the thing – life is meant to easy; it’s meant to be fun; it’s meant to be joyful; and it’s meant to be full of amazing experiences.


But we have been so embedded in what we’ve known that in order to open up to a new, easier, more joyful way of living it takes…

  • a level of trust
  • a level of desire
  • and a level of willingness


There is a gap between what our heart wants and what we are currently living.  While we are in this in-between phase it is uncomfortable, frustrating, unsettling, emotional, and at times down-right heart-breaking.


The Relax into Life Program is the bridge to this gap; it’s where you can safely and securely get to the other side and fully live your outrageously amazing, ease-filled, joyful life.


This 8 week Program is about…

  • Focus – What you focus on expands, and even a one degree shift in focus can set your life in a whole new direction…far better than you’ve ever imagined.
  • Ease – Creating a life of ease where you will learn and practice relaxing into life and watching with delight as your life unfolds amazingly for you – no more forcing, striving, pushing, and trying to make things happen.
  • Connection – 1) connecting with your Soul Team (yep you have one!) and knowing you are not doing this alone; 2) connecting and working with the energies that surround you so that you remember your own inner power and creator capacities.


Here’s what you’ll receive…


  • 8 Weeks of Daily High Vibration, Energy Infused Emails – You want to break free of the old and to think greater than your past. A daily connection with this material serves the purpose of crowding out the old, smothering your doubts & fears, and conditioning you to a new level of awareness.
  • Focus on the 6 Essential Transformational Themes – The daily emails will be divided into the 6 areas of focus that are required to transform your life beyond what you previously thought possible:
    1. Knowing Your Responsive Universe
    2. Remembering and Relaxing into Who You Are
    3. Flow Energy to Wanted
    4. Stop Energy Flow to Unwanted
    5. Cleaning Up the Old
    6. Relax and Take Your Next Best Steps
  • Personal Practices – You will be introduced to gentle and easy practices to bring into your life that will anchor you into the higher energy, to build momentum, and to elevate your vibration, thus elevating your life.
  • Powerful Exercises – You will be given exercises that will get you working with and becoming immersed in the unlimited energies available to you. You will be molding the energy to your highest potential and vision, so that you stretch yourself into something new.
  • Story Share – I will give you glimpses into some of my personal stories with the intent of going beyond the superficial “rah rah” stories out there that can leave us thinking we are doing something wrong. I’ll share how there are times that we don’t look so “pretty” as we are expanding into a new version of ourselves; I’ll give you a peek into some of the thoughts and doubts that can creep up; I’ll give you full on permission to embrace your own journey knowing that no step along the way is a misstep. …And I’ll show you how to turn it around when those moments turn up.
  • …A little extra – Daily Love Notes from Your Soul Team – Whether you participate in this program or not, I recommend these Daily Love Notes from Your Soul Team. These Love Notes are free to anyone, and if you do decide to jump in and join me for this program these are a perfect compliment to everything we will be doing –

Stop Waiting. Live Fully. Create Deliberately.

You have everything you need here to start joyfully living your outrageous life!


$210 CAD


3 Payments of $70 CAD

**Prefer having someone along on the journey with you?  …I’d be more than happy to be that person for you. If you are aligned with what I share and ready for deep transformation, let’s chat. Contact me at
Lots of love!
Trisha Savoia xo