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6 Month Relax into Life · Soul Sister Circle


(My video invite to you is a little bit laggy, but filled with a whole lotta love. ;))

You’re supposed to have an outrageously good life. No joke. It’s your Divine Inheritance to be living an absolutely amazing life.


But we’ve been going about getting this good life in a completely backwards way.  We’ve been going about it the hard way – efforting, striving, struggling and trying to make things happen. We have been misled into thinking this is the only way to get anywhere, have anything, or be anyone.


…and it’s completely wrong.


The exact opposite is true. When we relax into life we find that life happens for us; that life happens through us; and that it becomes a life filled with ease, peace, freedom and joy…and all the outer embellishments to go along with that.


But how do you relax and trust when you’ve been conditioned to believe

that you need to be productive, busy and work hard to have a good life?


Well, I’m not gonna lie, it will take some practice, patience, undoing and relearning. But I promise you it is absolutely worth it.  AND it can also be a whole lotta fun when you engage in this journey with a circle of soul sisters on the same path.


Cause here’s the thing – life is meant to easy; it’s meant to be fun; it’s meant to be joyful; and it’s meant to be full of amazing experiences.


But we have been so embedded in what we’ve known that in order to open up to a new, easier, more joyful way of living it takes…

  • a level of trust
  • a level of desire
  • and a level of willingness


There is a gap between what our heart wants and what we are currently living.  While we are in this in-between phase it is uncomfortable, frustrating, unsettling, emotional, and at times down-right heart-breaking.


The Relax into Life · Soul Sister Circle is the bridge to this gap; it’s where you can safely and securely get to the other side and fully live your outrageously amazing, ease-filled, joyful life.


This 6 month Circle is about…

  • Focus – What you focus on expands, and even a one degree shift in focus can set your life in a whole new direction…far better than you’ve ever imagined.
  • Ease – Creating a life of ease where you will learn and practice relaxing into life and watching with delight as your life unfolds amazingly for you – no more forcing, striving, pushing, and trying to make things happen.
  • Connection – 1) connecting with your Soul Team (yep you have one!) and knowing you are not doing this alone; 2) connecting with yourself and remembering your own inner power and potential; and 3) connecting with others travelling a similar path and enjoying the journey with more fun, laughter and support.


This Circle brings together 2 things – the beauty of connection with the practice of focus and expansion. It’s marrying soul conversations with a guided program so that we can get to where we’re going via the most direct route…the divinely guided route.

  1. Relax into Life Program – The journey is never linear, but I have found that to have guidelines along the way creates the space for the inner shifts to occur which then leads to the outer changes you’d like to experience. A program helps to keep you heading in the direction you want to be heading, as well as keeps the mind from feeling chaotic and out of control while you are moving into a new way of living.
  2. Soul Sister Circle – Connection and support….perhaps with a glass or two of wine along the way! In my own journey, when I was caught up in the turbulent emotions of the gap, there were many times I just wanted to know it was okay; that I was okay. I wanted hope and a safe place. This Circle will most definitely provide that…and much, much more.


I have had the urge for quite some time to bring together a group that has a genuine desire to live more meaningful and fulfilled lives; to bring together people who also recognize that we deserve more from life; and to bring together people who want to do it with ease, flow and fun!


If what I have been saying is speaking to your soul, I invite you to become part of it. …And pass this on to your girlfriends, and let’s get the party started!


What you’ll be part of is a circle of women where you…


  • feel supported, uplifted, inspired and elevated
  • can be yourself and let your vulnerability be embraced
  • can go when you need a pick-me-up
  • will have on-going direction, focus, and guidance
  • receive love, wisdom, insight and encouragement
  • will be reminded of who you are and what you deserve
  • can talk about your heart desires without shame, guilt or being dismissed


Here’s what it will look like…


  • Focus of the Month – Each month we will meet and focus on one theme. I will start out sharing the understandings and awarenesses regarding the theme, and then there will be time for discussion. Here’s a simple overview of the main themes:
    1. Knowing Your Responsive Universe
    2. Remembering and Relaxing into Who You Are
    3. Flow Energy to Wanted
    4. Stop Energy Flow to Unwanted
    5. Cleaning Up the Old
    6. Relax and Take Your Next Best Steps
  • Practice of the Week – The month’s theme will be broken down into gentle and easy practices. This eventually leads into your natural way of being without you having to think about it. The weekly practices will be posted in the Private Facebook Group, as well as highlighted at our monthly get-together so you will know what to expect.
  • Daily Love Notes from Your Soul Team – This is your daily reminder, anchoring you into the energy you want to be in. And I’m sure that some of these will serve as conversation starters! These will also be posted in the Private Facebook Group.
  • Private FB Group – Beyond our monthly get-togethers, we will have a place where we can stay connected; where you can ask questions, share, start conversations, discuss, as well as post evidence of your inner and outer shifts…big and small.
  • Additional Support (optional) – For those of you who’d like to spend even a little more time with me ;), I will be offering you special rates for my Individual Sessions.


Cost: $400

Our Relax into Life · Soul Sister Circle is currently in progress. Our next one is tentatively set for September 2016. If you’re interested, and would like to be kept in the loop on the upcoming details, you can send me an email at –
I’d love to hear from you!
Trisha Savoia