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Join my SOUL SOUP BLOG-A-THON for a dash of insight; a pinch of vulnerability, and a dollop of wisdom to noursh, enrich & comfort your soul.


We all want to know we aren’t alone. We all want to feel we belong. 


These are basic human emotional needs. They most certainly are nothing to ever be ashamed about, but yet we often hide and deny what is going on inside us. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to look weak, or because we’re too uncomfortable being vulnerable, or because someone else has it worse therefore we feel we have no right to our pain, OR maybe it’s because we just don’t know who we can turn to.


But the truth is we each have our own journey. It’s unique to us. And it’s very real.


So I had the idea of pulling together a group of gals who I knew would be willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves, so that in sharing their stories and insights, it would give you permission to own your own, and permission to feel what you need to feel.


Not in a poor-me-sob-story kinda way. Not in a victim-ish kinda way. Not in a complainy sort of way.


But in a lets embrace who we are. Let’s love our journey. Let’s acknowledge the shitty parts. Let’s rejoice in the awesome parts. And let’s celebrate it all!


Cause here’s the thing…you’re meant to have an outrageously good life. And although it may not always seem it, even the shitty parts are leading you there.


So, if you’d like to glimpse into the soul of several gals who have openly shared their hearts with you…sign up below.

Starting on March 1st, you’ll receive one blog a day for 10 days. Each one meant to uplift you, inspire you, console you, support you, and remind you…of the truth of who you really are.


In addition, upon signing up, I will immediately send you a copy of a little creative piece that I put together – “Your Outrageous Good: What Your Soul Wants You to Know, ” which is also meant to be a reminder of who you are and what you deserve. Enjoy.


Here are the gals you’ll be hearing from…


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Sending love,

Trisha Savoia

Trisha Savoia