Soulful Discipline Gift


A Guilt-Free Way to Parent!

Are You Confused and Frustrated on the Best Methods to “Discipline” Your Children?

AND You Want Deep Connections with Them?


Discipline is the #1 topic I get asked about by parents.


But let’s be blunt here…the word DISCIPLINE sounds icky. By definition the word means control gained by enforcing obedience and order.


You know it’s not control and obedience that you’re really looking for, BUT you’re often at a loss how to:

  • get through to your child
  • speak so they will listen
  • handle and reduce their outbursts
  • prevent them from shutting down and rebelling
  • create peace and calm within your home


I know you want to be an effective parent and raise happy children, and at times it feels so difficult!


It’s easy to get lost and confused between the tug-of-war of feeling the need to discipline them so that they grow up to be productive, well-rounded adults, AND the feeling that you’re squelching their creativity, free-thinking & free-spirited nature. Can you relate?


Times are changing and you need to change with them…or risk your child disconnecting with you.


Well, there definitely is a better way… AND you’ve come to the right place for the SOULution!


Here it is…A Guilt-Free Way to Parent!

Soulful Discipline

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why mainstream discipline doesn’t work
  • Why we can’t blame ourselves…or our parents
  • How to let go of the dreaded parenting guilt
  • What we REALLY want for our children
  • 10 Keys to Parenting with Soul

Soulful Discipline – 10 Keys to Parenting with Soul is perfect for you if you want:

  • Your children to grow up feeling comfortable in their own skin
  • To remain calm & peaceful during parenting struggles
  • Your children to be confident, resilient, open-mined, self-loving & compassionate
  • Your children to stay in touch with their creativity, free-thinking & intuition
  • To form deep and meaningful connections with your children


“I recently listened to Trisha Savoia’s Soulful Discipline teleclass which I immensely enjoyed.  Trisha is very knowledgeable, captivating, and inspiring.  The information she presented was around learning how to nurture and support your children in soulful, yet practical ways.  Her discussion resonated with me on so many levels.  She offered many ways of re-framing a possible problematic situation with tips, tools and skills.  i.e., the concept of Responding instead of Reacting.  I highly recommend this program to any mama or even family that wants to build a stronger connection to their children or simply improve their relationship.  Thanks Trisha, you are a true gem!”

~ Enza W, mother of 2


“I just finished listening to the teleclass & it was wonderful! I hope you are selling the recorded class on your website so that it can reach more people – every parent should listen.”

~ Jenn M, mother of 2 divider

“I have listened to the teleclass and I absolutely LOVE the information!  I took so many notes and have been thinking about your anecdotes and suggestions throughout my days.  Your words really resonate with me and provide the confidence and reassurance I need to follow my soulful instincts.  I welcome your voice with an open heart. Thank you!

~ Kerry S, mother of 1


Yes! I’m ready to Parent with Soul!

Here’s what’s included:

Soulful Discipline
A 90 minute teleclass outlining the 10 Keys to Parenting with Soul


Soulful Discipline
PDF transcript of the information covered (and a little bit more)



Soulful DisciplineAn Action Plan Worksheet so that you can take what you learned and immediately put it into action


Soulful Discipline
An ‘Are You Ready to Slow Down? Quiz’ (Busyness is a Parenting from Ego culprit)


Soulful Discipline
A ‘What We Want for Our Children’ Checklist


Yes! I’m Ready to Parent Guilt-Free!