Soulful Parent Program

I’d love to invite you into a 10 Week Journey of creating a peaceful and calm home, where we are having new conversations around parenting! Cause here’s the thing…


It’s hard being a parent. And tiring. And draining. BUT also rewarding, satisfying…and you wouldn’t give it up for the world.


As badly as you wanted to be a parent, the urgencies of life can pull you in many directions making it difficult to remain focused on what matters most, and wondering if you are doing the best job.


With that comes the guilt of knowing you aren’t always living up to being the kind of parent you want to be. As parents, guilt certainly is not foreign to us.


Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You can be irritated and short-tempered?
  • You are often saying “in a minute?”
  • You feel like a broken-record?
  • You worry if they are making the best choices?
  • You get frustrated with their attitudes?
  • You give into technology being a babysitter?
  • You feel like their cleaner, cook, and chauffeur?


You can find an abundance of “how to” manuals when it comes to parenting, but the best parenting practice of all is Soulful Parenting. This means knowing yourself, and your child so that you can make the best choices from a deep place of awareness and understanding.


The way to make the good parts better, and the hard parts easier is to ease the burden of wondering if you are doing everything “right.”


We all want to be the best parents we can be, and I believe that means raising our children to know who they are, as well as being able to stay tapped into their intuitive sense.


Many of our frustrations in parenting occur because we are not connecting with our children at the level of understanding of who they truly are. To do this means examining our old style of parenting, and learning new ways to raise today’s children.


So, how do you create a peaceful household,

while also creating a deep & meaningful connection?


As a parent of two intuitive children, who are on opposite sides of the spectrum, I searched for information and resources to help me raise them, BUT I never came across what I was really looking for.


Much of what I found often labelled children, and neither of my children ever fell into one particular label. Having said that, I always did take away valuable information from each source I encountered, but I felt a need for something more.


What I felt and realized was that we can’t label our children. They don’t fit into any one box or category.


What we really need to focus on is knowing who they truly are and understanding them at a deeper level.


…and THIS is what allows parenting struggles to dissolve and fall away.


To some parents this may sound overwhelming or daunting. Where do you start? What do you do? How do you make this happen?


The answers are much simpler than you may think…


…and you’ll find them in The Soulful Parent Home Study!

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Although this program does give examples and suggestions on how to handle some of the common parenting struggles, what it’s really about is becoming a Soulful Parent so that by understanding your children and letting them feel heard you will see some of the parenting struggles you face begin to fade away.


Now that’s not to say that parenting struggles may not still arise from time to time, since every child encounters typical developmental stages where they need to test their boundaries and sense of self…BUT when you are Soulfully Parenting you’ll understand them instead of curse them.

This program is for you if you want YOUR CHILDREN to:

  • Grow feeling comfortable in their own skin
  • Be confident, resilient, open-minded, self-loving & compassionate
  • Stay in touch with their inner knowing; their inner guidance; their intuition
  • Create and live a life that is meaningful & fulfilled
  • Never grow up believing “life is a struggle”

This program is for you if YOU want to:

  • Remain calm & peaceful in the face of parenting struggles
  • Form a deep and meaningful connection with your children
  • Create a happier & more meaningful life for yourself

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Are looking for quick fixes with parenting struggles
  • Aren’t willing to look at yourself & how you have been parenting
  • Just want your children to be “good, ” “well-behaved” and “obey”
  • Aren’t open-minded to different approaches to parenting
  • Feel there is a “right” & “wrong” way to parent


“The Soulful Parent is one of the most amazing courses I have ever taken. It has made me so much more aware as a parent and given me many useful tools to help nurture my children’s intuitive sides. It has created many wonderful conversations with my children and I feel in turn has brought us closer as a family. It helped me make some very positive changes in regards to how I parent my children. Since the course started, I have seen a big change in my kids behaviour and attitudes…all for the better. It really taught me to pay attention to my children’s needs. Thank you Trisha for all that you do; you are such an inspiration! I will recommend this course to everyone I know!”

Charity ~mother of 3

“I had a wonderful time working with Trisha. She taught me things I already knew, but on a much deeper level. She helped me look inside myself for answers that I already intuitively knew, which in turn helped me to trust my intuition regarding my parenting. She helped give me a new perspective on unconditional parenting and guiding my children on their life journeys without limiting them by my own fears. Most importantly she has helped me implement the world of energy and spirituality with my children, which has brought me much closer with them and opened up a new exciting world for me and my children, as we get to know each other on a spiritual level. It’s a beautiful journey and very rewarding as a parent, and our love has grown even deeper. I will forever be grateful to Trisha for helping me connect with my 3 children age 1.5yr, 5yr, 12yr on a spiritual level.”

Jennifer ~mother of 5

“I just feel compelled to write to your right now. I have to let you know how so much of what you say strikes a personal chord with me…and I mean big time. You are helping me so much on my path it’s unbelievable. I knew when my friend told me about you and your Soulful Parent course that it was for me. I had no idea to what extent. Its gone way beyond what I expected and is helping me not only with my parenting, but as you share your stories of your personal spiritual growth, you’re helping me pave my way. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Monique ~mother of 2

“Trisha has helped me see outside of my box! I knew about energy and self-care but never made the connection to apply the principles to kids! It was like Trisha took the blinders off my eyes. Her approach was warm and supportive as she guided me along this parenting soul journey. I have so much respect and gratitude for Trisha. My experience with her was truly life changing. Thank you!”

Jackie ~mother of 2

“Recently, I had the great pleasure of completing the 10-week Soulful Parenting course.


Honestly, starting the course, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping to gain a few nuggets of wisdom, discover a couple new ways to raise my children and overall just become a “better” parent.


What ended up happening was a dramatic shift in how I look at…well everything. It changed how I see my children, how I approach my “job” as mom and overall, how I view parenting. I realized it’s not our job to shape and mould our children into who WE want them to be; rather it’s our job to simply guide and be there for them as they grow and become who THEY are supposed to be.


Throughout each week during the course, I was given new insights and “lightbulb moments” that really changed my perspective on my boys and my parenting. I was forced to really see my children and understand how they approach the world, what unique characteristics make them who they are and what I can do to support and nurture that.


We are so programmed by society and past generations – and a lot of time, as parents, we just go through the motions. We parent on auto-pilot, often spewing out “because I said so, that’s why” or “I’ll give you something to cry about” or “because I’m your Mom and I know best.”


The Soulful Parenting course allowed me to really understand, while we obviously live in a physical, material world, that to live a truly happy and authentic life, we need to raise our children with a spiritual conscience.


We need to understand this generation of kids being born are far more spiritually advanced and in-tune than in years past. They are sensitive and empathic and really are the people that will change the world. And we need to start parenting these children with a new understanding, an open heart and a new kind of communication.

THANK YOU Trish, for everything you shared, everything you taught and everything you did. The ripple effects of each lesson are still being felt in every area of my life. With so many classes being offered on discipline or child rearing, all designed to fit into a specific box or quickly label our children, your course has shown me that each child needs to be celebrated and nurtured in their own specific and unique way.


I am forever indebted.”


Joanne ~mother of 2


Here’s what you’ll receive with this Life-Changing

10 Week Soulful Parent Home Study…


10 Weekly Classes

These will be delivered to you weekly in audio format so that you can listen anywhere anytime!

  • Week 1 – Your True Role As a Parent
  • Our children today are different. They are more tuned-in, sensitive and self-aware than ever before. This is good news, BUT at the same time has left parents wondering…why all the struggle?! The traditional way of parenting no longer works. Here you will learn how you can shift into a way of parenting that dissolves the struggles….and at the same time creates connection.


  • Week 2 – Parenting from Two Perspectives
  • Without fail, the #1 thing we are missing in our lives is our connection to our spiritual side. Let’s not allow this to happen to our children! It’s important to understand we live in a physical world, but at the same time we need to remember that we can tap into the spiritual. By parenting with both these two perspectives in mind we equip our children to create lives that are full of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.


  • Week 3 – Parenting from Ego or with Soul?
  • Release your Tunnel Vision beliefs and embrace the Big Picture Truths, so that you no longer unconsciously pass down any of your unsupportive and unhealthy beliefs and stories that can cause struggle in your child’s life.


  • Week 4 – Big Picture Messages to Nurture Your Child’s Personal & Spiritual Nature
  • Incorporate Big Picture Messages into your child’s daily life that will set them up for their greatest growth, success, and fulfillment.


  • Week 5 – Nurture Your Child’s Whole Self – Physical Focus (aka. The practical side)
  • As parents we need to nurture their whole selves, which means teaching them how to be successful in the physical, and connected to the divine. This week we will be looking at the practical side of things. Fact is we live in a physical world, so we will be looking at how to navigate these ideas to be grounded in the “real” world.


  • Week 6 – Nurture Your Child’s Whole Self – Spiritual Focus (aka. A little bit of the woo woo)
  • As parents we need to nurture their whole selves, which means teaching them how to be successful in the physical, and connected to the divine. This week we will be looking how we can teach our children to connect with the divine and how to apply it into the “real” world.


  • Week 7 – Slow Down & Simplify
  • The inner voices of our children, as well as ourselves are being silenced by the urgent pace our society is set at. To once again hear your inner guidance, we can set into motion small changes which will inevitably have a big impact on the way you live.


  • Week 8 – Knowing & Honoring Your Child’s True Nature & Sensitivities (True Self)
  • In order to make the best choices for our children, as well as guide them, we need to truly know who they are and release the societal expectations we may have put on them. Here we take an intimate look at who each of your children truly are, and explore ways to nurture their true self.


  • Week 9 – Meeting Your Child’s Needs
  • Your child has 4 basic Soul Needs and when these are not met is when we encounter parenting frustrations and misunderstandings. We will explore ways to ensure their needs are met, and at the same time be able to see their warning signs in advance.


  • Week 10 – Creating Your Family Manifesto
  • You will create a written declaration of your intentions, motives, views, and action plans for your family based on your own personal definition of success.

10 Weekly Companion Guides

  • Each class is accompanied with information and an overview of the material covered…including in-depth content, charts & tables, suggestion guides, etc
  • AND several of the classes will have BONUS material!

Weekly Exercises

  • These are taking you deeper into the material and helping you apply what you are learning to your life.


Pre-Program Insight & Reflection

  • Let’s get you set up for success right from the start! Prior to starting your 10 Weekly Classes you will receive my SOUL NEEDS QUESTIONNAIRE & WORKSHEET. This will set the tone and your focus to fully integrate and implement what you’ll be learning.


PLUS!!! A Special Gift…



Soulful Discipline Audio

  • 90 min Soulful Discipline Teleclass Audio
  • including PDF transcript


Here are the facts…

  • Discipline isn’t the problem
  • Entitled, disrespectful kids isn’t the problem
  • Kids not listening isn’t the problem
  • Oh and, you being a shitty parent ain’t the problem either!

So, what is it then, you ask?!
It starts with shifting your perspective around parenting.

So, are you ready?!

buy now $300

Trisha Savoia

If you have ANY questions about this program, please Contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Trisha ~xox