Soulful Parenting so Your Kids Never Have to Grow to “Recover” Themselves

The Soulful ParentHere it is!  I’m officially inviting you to join me for a deep dive into 10 Weeks of Soulful Parenting (actually it ends up being a little longer)!

If you already know you’re in.  Sweeeet!  Can’t wait!  You can jump in here –

In the meantime…I’m gonna wear my heart on my sleeve here for a moment.  I want to let you know WHY this program is so important to me…and it could well be true for you too!

This program was birthed from my very deep desire for not having to have kids grow to recover themselves.  Although I didn’t know it as I was growing, I am a very sensitive and intuitive person.  And if you would have tried to tell me I was back then, I would not have taken it well.  I wanted NO part of being sensitive…and I would have had no clue what intuitive meant!

For a number of reasons, I ended up shutting down my intuition and sensitivity…and I did a VERY good job of keeping it under wraps.  I had built wall upon wall upon wall.  And I also threw in a few different facades for kicks.  Of course, I didn’t consciously know I was doing this, but I had become a master at being a “good, rule-followin’ girl.”

In my early years, this really wasn’t too hard to keep up.  I had the safety and security of my family after all.  But once I was out on my own, things started to unravel.  I skipped a lot of school, I drank and partied too much (often to the point of blackouts), I called in to work sick A LOT, I was very good at getting others to believe my lies, and I even got questioned by my supervising teacher (I was getting my B.Ed) about the appropriateness of my clothing (awkward…)….and this is just the stuff I choose to mention here.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there were definitely many great moments too, but looking back there is no question I was struggling and trying to grasp onto something.  But since I didn’t know that, I had A LOT of guilt and shame about the way I was behaving…yet at the same time didn’t really know how to stop.

Why am I sharing this you ask?  No it’s not to get a sympathy vote, and no it’s not to share a story of struggle to say “look where I am now!”

I’m sharing this because there is no question in my mind that I encountered this for two main reasons:

  1. I was highly sensitive, but didn’t know it
  2. I had no sense of self…I had NO idea who I really was

And this my friend, does NOT need to be the story your kids grow to tell!

I have no complaints and no regrets.  I certainly know I’ve had an amazing life.

But my journey to remembering who I am has definitely felt like a long one…and it continues to evolve. There’s been a lot of unpeeling, shedding, and letting go happening over the years.

I know there’s a reason that this is my story; but I also KNOW that your children DO NOT need to grow to recover and remember themselves!!!

Being a teacher at heart, as soon as I started to uncover the truth of who I am, understand the bigger picture, and recognize how we can shift our parenting so that our children can always embrace who they are, I’ve been super excited and passionate about having these kinds of conversations!

Cause here’s the thing, today’s children are so much more sensitive, intuitive, in-tune and self-aware than ever beforeIt’s imperative that we realize this, and equally important that we know how to parent them so that they embrace and thrive with these qualities.

And heads up…they are NOT willing to blindly follow the rules and expectations that were established and set over generations ago.  The gig is up!  They KNOW there is a different way…and they are forcing us to figure it out!

If you’ve been bumping up against some parenting struggles and challenges, my bet is on the fact that you are parenting a highly intuitive and sensitive child (I gotta say most of them are!).

And kudos to you!  They picked you for this journey, so that means you are well equipped for it!  You just may need a little support and guidance along the way, because the fact of the matter is the old paradigm of parenting just ain’t workin’ on these kids.

They are trailblazers…and they need parents who are willing to allow them to be who they are, as well as guide them along the way.

I gotta tell you, I’ve learned a thing or two along my journey.  And I’m willing and wanting to share!

So, if this is speaking to you in any way, PLEASE join me for this 10 Week Journey into Soulful Parenting!

You’re kids get to be who they are….and you get to remember who you are!  It’s a win- win!!!


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PPS. If you’d like to have a chat and get a feel if this is what you’re lookin’ for.  Let’s do it.  We can hop on the phone and explore.