Here’s a roadmap to get you started as a Conscious Creator AND

then to assist you as you evolve as the Creator you are.

First things first, you came here to be a Conscious Creator, so the first thing you’ll want to do is own your Creator Status and program your life for something even better. You have everything you need to do just that right here…



Ok, so you now undeniably know you are a creator…partnering with the divine. You’ve locked in your upgraded and expanded version of your desired destination…which is now cued up and ready for you.


…and now you’re in the In-Between Stage.


This is the place where your old life hasn’t quite yet morphed into your new life. It will. Don’t worry. But there are two things that are essential during this stage. And here are some resources to assist…


1. Let go of your old ways of thinking and living.



2. Embrace your true divine nature.



Want help maneuvering the In-Between Stage?


That space of conjuring enough belief in your vision becoming a reality can be a wobbly place…especially when you don’t have support. So if you are ready to focus, fine-tune, finesse, and do the inner work that’s necessary to create the awesome life you deserve, you will find these courses immensely helpful…



Want to expedite the learning curve?


Work with Me – If you want a little more of a personal touch along the way, I would most certainly love to partner with you on your journey. The truth is, once you commit to creating any change in your life everything starts to shift to align with your decision, and I love working with those who are ready to own (or already have owned) their creator status. If you’re ready, I’m ready for you! Go here for more information –


A couple more resources to support you…


Weekly Blogs – Receive weekly-ish blogs where I delve into deeper conversations regarding conscious creation, evolving through the In-Between Stage, and embracing your divine nature (because this is definitely part of being a conscious creator). Here you will receive many aha’s, as well as many how to’s. Sign up in right-hand column –


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