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This is an invitation to the Divine within you. It is opening and setting the tone and intention for everything you are doing and creating with your surrender practice, and will support the changes that are to come in your life. Saying it once activates the energies to come in and support you, however feel free to say or write this invitation daily if it feels good to do.


I invite the Source within me, the Divine Intelligence, to lovingly and with grace oversee and direct my journey. I ask that you guide my every thought, word, and action with the highest energy of love. I let go of all that has gone on in my past, and I release all concern about what is to come in my future. I begin now with a clean energetic slate. I am free of all perceived mistakes, missteps, and misgivings. I am free of all resistance that has stopped or slowed me from my true path. I open myself up to all possibilities, synchronicities, joyful surprises, and miracles. I open myself up to receiving all the goodness I can have, and all the greatness I can achieve.


I invite the Source within me to correct my incorrect thinking and to adjust my misaligned creations made from my old limited mind. I ask to be aligned once again with the truth of who I am, and my life be brought back into accordance with the Divine Standard.


I invite the Divine Intelligence that runs through me to fill me with the confidence and faith that empowers me and allows me to commit to being all that I came here to be, all that I came here to experience, and all that I came here to share. Thank you. xo




When you are in a surrendered state, your vibration naturally rises which means you then also naturally align with your hearts desires. Your Soul Team knows exactly what you want…down to the finest detail. But it’s still really nice to open up your surrendered space and set the tone for what you want to call-in. You can use the following declarations, as well as create your own.


You’ll notice that these statements are all fairly general. There are times where getting specific is helpful, and in some of my other courses I get into specifics, however, since we are focused on surrender I suggest that if you are creating your own you keep them general as well. This is a practice in trust. When you can allow the divine to deliver the specifics without you trying to control it, you will experience that life knows what it’s doing. Once you know within the depths of your being that the Universe will deliver, THEN you can have fun with getting into specifics. And when you do, you will already have experienced the sureness of the Universe’s responsiveness to your energy. That’s a great place to create from!


These Call-In Statements can be stated one time, every day, or whenever it feels good to repeat them. As with everything there are no rules. Simply go with what feels best. If you do decide to use these in a daily intentional way, I suggest you read or speak the Call-In Statements, remember your divine connection…and then surrender.


Side Note: Your words have power. Don’t mistake anything you’re calling-in, inviting, handing-over, surrendering, or radiating out, to be merely words. There is energy behind your words, and that in conjunction with the decision you have made to live from a surrendered place, has much much more power than we have ever been led to believe. The words you use MATTER. What you say to yourself MATTERS. What you write MATTERS. I can tell you from personal experience, the words I use happen. What I speak, I speak into being. …and you are doing the same. Don’t assume all of this to be frivolous exercises. Right now you are creating your future. Right now you are allowing your preferred future.



Dear Soul Team (Universe, Source, God, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Creative Intelligence, Divine),


Through the right of simply being born and remembering my Divine Beingness, I activate and call-in all things that are meant for me, that are required for my time here, and that are needed for me to fully enjoy my time here without worry, uncertainty, or strain.


I call-in a fulfilling life filled with meaning, joy, abundance, ease, and fun.


I call-in all the money, resources, gifts and opportunities that are mine and are earmarked for me. May they come to me in perfect ways, through the paths of grace, ease, and joy.


I call-in my continuous connection and alignment with my Source.


I call-in immediate corrections to my incorrect thinking, beliefs, and ideas where I may have believed that I was separate from my Source.


I call-in immediate adjustment, re-organization and re-alignment of any miscreations, where I may have created the unwanted through my old limited thought patterns.


I call-in a gentle and swift return to living in the flow.


I call-in the Divine Light to seep into every cell and dissolve any and all blocks, traumas, struggles, and/or mistaken thinking so that they can no longer get in my way. I allow the light within me to restore and take care of this on my behalf.


I call-in the energetic alignment to my highest vibration of love and truth.


I call-in the energetic return to my Divine frequency that is aligned with abundance, health, success, love, peace, and joy.


I call-in Divine assistance in every aspect of my life. I ask that it seeps in, dissolves the unneeded, and elevates my life to the highest potential and possibility that is meant for me.


I call-in the highest guidance in all aspects of my life, and whatever changes that are required happen naturally with ease and grace.


I call-in my direct connection to my Divine Supply, and I ask my abundance to flow in through effortless channels with ease and joy.


I call-in my freedom of joyfully and generously sharing my abundance with others as more continues to grow and flow right back to me.


I call-in my health that continues to support my body so that it can carry and move me through my life energetically, vibrantly, and joyfully, which allows me to fully and easily experience all life has to offer, and to be a vessel to do what I came here to do.


I call-in my creator abilities knowing that I participate in the divine unfolding through where I put my focus and attention.


I call-in synchronicities, unexpected miracles, and delightful surprises.


I call-in Divine and Eternal Love.


I call-in ideas that align with my divine creative expression and open me up to my joy.


I call-in my Soul Team to assist me, support me, love me, elevate me, and clear the way on my path.


I call-in the re-wiring of my neural connections and establishing new pathways of thinking that fully support my highest divine vision.


I call-in the highest expression of my dreams.


I call-in my full alignment and living of the Divine Standard.


I call-in compatible relationships that support me, elevate me, and bring me much joy, fun, and fulfillment.




It’s nice to start your morning with acknowledging your connection to Source. You want to develop a relationship with your divine self and team of help, not only so you know you’re not alone, but also because your awareness of the Divine Presence within you becomes the channel through which all your desires are delivered. You’re not creating the connection to “get” something, but rather to invite the Creative Divine Presence to work with you, through you, and as you.


When I first started practicing this I wrote a blurb out on a cue card, kept it on my night stand, and would read it every morning. Here is an example taken from Abraham-Hicks and slightly adjusted to fit my liking. You can fine-tune it to fit your voice…or go creatively rouge and write your own version.


I acknowledge the Universal Forces that are focused on me right now. God/Divine/Universe/Soul Team, I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention, and I’m appreciating your continual gaze on behalf of my well-being. And today no matter where I am, no matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, and no matter whom I’m doing it with, I will be in conscious awareness that you too are there with me…living through me, walking by me, going before me, and appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, loving me, showing me, helping me, uplifting me, and prospering me. I am in loving gratitude for all the good that is in my life, and for the presence of the Divine within me.


Here is another option. This is the one I have frequently used. It’s short and sweet. I say this before getting out of bed first thing in the morning.


Good morning Soul Team! I ask that you align me with the highest frequency of love in all aspects of my life. Higher Self, I call you in and ask that you guide my every thought, word, and action for the highest good of all.


And often, because I have built the trust that my team is always there, always supporting me, and always clearing the way for my highest good, I simply say – Good morning Soul Team! …and really that’s all that’s needed. Do what feels good for you.




Ok, so here are the heavy lifters. This is where you want to turn when you catch yourself getting hooked into worry, doubt, control, and fear. Whenever you feel constriction and tightness in your body, you know it’s time to hand over what is currently going on within you. You want to get back to an inner place of peace. These are the tickets to letting it all go.


When worries or fears creep up, gently let them go without feeling the need to create a story around what you’re feeling. Contrary to what you’ve been taught, your feeling don’t always tell the truth. Your feelings are often reactions to past unprocessed emotions, and they aren’t accurate in detailing what is currently going on now. Don’t let your feelings manipulate you into believing your mind chatter. Don’t make your mind chatter wrong, but also don’t believe it.


Remember and settle into the feeling of being connected to the Divine Mind where there is only love, and the possibilities are unlimited. Connect yourself with those feelings of love, peace and divine security as you go about your daily activities, knowing that it is possible to completely free yourself of all problems even though you have no idea how the solution is going to come into your life.


When the worries come up, choose what most applies (or create your own) and say this to yourself (or journal) to bring relief and bring yourself back into being connected with your inner Source. These, of course, are suggestions, and your own guidance may give you words that work better for you. Go with those. The point of surrender is talking yourself into a place where you feel relief, so use whatever works to do that.



Love Relationship Hand-Over

I do not need to pine for a soul mate relationship. The perfect relationship for me already exists in the Divine Mind. I need only to identify and recognize that the Source within me is actively coordinating, lining up, and working behind the scenes to reveal the perfect complement to my soul. I hand-over the responsibility of finding my compatible mate to my Soul Team. My job is to remain in a relaxed state of certainty, and to give up my attachment to how I’ll meet them, where I’ll meet them, when I’ll meet them, and who it is. They are being brought to me. Nothing is more important than how I feel right now in this moment. And I choose relief. I choose to be at peace.


Friendships Hand-Over

I do not need to search for my soul family friends. They are already in my field and we will cross paths in the perfect way. Our paths are already intricately interwoven and they are coming into my life in the perfect timing. And I’ll know immediately who they are. Our connection is instant and there is a deep knowing. We are compatible on all levels and it’s only the behind-the-scenes work of my Soul Team that could organize this perfect reunion. In the meantime, I am enjoying what is in my path right now and looking forward to all the fun times, laughs, and experiences we will soon be sharing.


Parenting Hand-Over

I do not need to worry if I am doing things right. I know I am the perfect parent for my child even though I may not always do things perfectly. My child chose me for their path here, and I trust that I am playing my part perfectly. My child is on his/her own path and has his/her own guidance system so it is not up to me to know everything and to make sure I’m getting it all right. I take that pressure off myself. And even the moments where I feel I’m just not getting it right, I trust that on a higher level, it is exactly as it’s supposed to be. I can’t get this wrong. I’m not messing this up. I trust myself, and I trust my child.


Money Hand-Over

I do not need to figure out how to make money. This is not my job. Money has no power over me, and in fact, its money that needs me. It needs me to bring it to life through me. I am a channel for its expression. I am a Divine Being with a Divine Inheritance and I allow it to flow through me and to me in great abundance. The Divine Power within me is the Source of my abundance, and it is eternal and unlimited. The energies of abundance flow around me and through me. I am literally surrounded by and sitting in my abundance…and I can choose to tap into it, claim it, and receive it. Everything I could possibly desire is already mine and is waiting for me in my energetic field. I only need to be aware of the prospering power of the Divine taking place in and through me. I drop any notion that I have an issue or problem with finances, and I hand-over the management of my financial affairs to my Soul Team. I stop pinching off my abundance by no longer have any concern about money. I am made of the substance of love, therefore I know the frequency of love is working to elevate and correct all ideas of lack, and I know that my Soul Team is working diligently on my behalf to restore me back to the truth of my divine abundance. All lack, scarcity, and “not enough” thinking is old energy. I live in the new, lighter, easier, and freer energy. I am now at peace with my finances.


Work Hand-Over

I will not worry about the work that needs to be done, since I’m not the one who will be doing it. The Divine Essence within me is perfectly aware of what needs to be done, and by my remembering and staying open to the Divine Intelligence that flows through me, it will work though me to accomplish everything easily, effortlessly and creatively. I hand-over all plans, strategies, shoulds, and obligations to my Soul Team, and relax knowing I don’t have to get uptight about anything anymore. When it’s time for me to play my part I will be given the cue to act.


Health Hand-Over

I do not need to do anything specific to have a healthy body, for I’m already eternally whole and perfect. My awareness of this Truth is my health. I quit trying to fix, change or improve my health and my body. I place my focus on the Presence within me, and I trust and allow the Divine within me to re-adjust, re-align and re-balance me with my perfect health and body. I hand-over the care and management of this physical body to my Soul Team who will guide me to easily, effortlessly and naturally make any changes…if changes are required.


World Hand-Over

I don’t need to cry, worry or live in fear regarding this planet. There is no place on Earth that the Divine is not, because absolutely everything is made up of Divine Substance and Essence. The Divine Intelligence that lives in everything and everyone carries the vibration of peace, love, and joy, and through this knowing I allow myself to be a channel of Divine Love and Blessings to help dissolve and raise all conditions. I hand-over all the appearances that I read and hear about to my Soul Team, and know that the Divine Spirit is working in its invisible and miraculous ways to bring healing and harmony to every aspect of this planet.  Earth and its inhabitants are no longer any of my concern. My only job is to be a beacon of love and hold the vision of peace and love.




Another great way to change the momentum of old thoughts is to catch them and interrupt them. I consider these my “on-the-go” surrender reminders. I personally prefer the Hand-Over Statements, since reading them brings me immediate relief, but I use these Thought Interrupts as my quick go-tos.


Just as the Hand-Over Statements, the purpose of these is to retrain your mind; to create new neural pathways. Worries, doubts and fears have created quite a groove in your mind, therefore you need to be consistent in catching and blazing a new path with your new preferred ways of being.


When getting into the habit of not allowing fears, doubts and worries to hold you hostage, having “thought interrupts” are a good way to stop that energy right in its track. It may take some practice catching yourself in those non-supportive thoughts, since up until now they were your default, but with awareness you will catch them and when you do, interrupt them with a statement that brings you immediate relief.


Whenever thoughts of fear, doubt and worry arise, remind yourself that that is none of your business…it’s in the hands of your Soul Team. Remember that you are a Divine Being with the power of Universe running though you. Remember that those are just old thoughts trying to hook into your mental mind, and they no longer have any power over you. Remember that you are a Spiritual Being living in a Spiritual Universe that abides by Spiritual Laws.


In your awareness of this you are no longer confined to the laws of the human mind. Refuse to descend back into the density to fight those battles. The Presence within you will dissolve, transmute, and solve all problems from its place of Unconditional Love and Power.


You’ll need to craft a Thought Interrupt that works for you. You can pull from information and words that I have already given you and that you noticed created an internal shift when you read them or said them. These words need to be specific to you and what works for you in order for them to impact your energy in the way that is needed. Here are a few examples:

  • This is none of my business.
  • My Soul Team is on it.
  • This is already being taken care of for me.
  • This is not for me to do.
  • I have help. I’m not in this on my own.
  • Soul Team, Get on it. This is yours to handle.




As you surrender it allows the Universe to do its thing and work its love and light into your system. You begin to embody and anchor in more and more love, more and more light. All the things that used to occupy your inner space has made space for more love and light to come in. …and now you can also become a beacon of light for others.


Become still and quiet, and bring your awareness to the Divine Presence within you, and from this place radiate your awareness of the Divine. Feel this energy move out. It radiates out from the Source within you, from your heart center, and travels out beyond your world touching every single person along its path, and radiating out into infinity.


You are not giving away anything that you don’t already have within you, and in your radiation of these energies you not only ignite them in others, but you further activate and elevate these energies within yourself. The radiating light has magnetic power and what you radiate comes back to you multiplied and overflowing.


Once again, as with the Calling-In Statements, you can decide if you want to do this once, daily, or periodically. Do whatever feels good.


May these energies go out before you and adjust according to the Divine Standard…



I am radiating love and light and surrounding everyone and everything in the energy of love, allowing it to seep into the hearts of all and awaken love for themselves, love for humanity, love for this planet, love for the universe, and love for the divine within all things.


I am radiating love and light to the acceptance for all beings, acceptance of self, and acceptance for how things currently are, so that this acceptance allows all to embrace, love, and live in a high vibrational surrendered state.


I am radiating love and light so that all can feel the relief and security of knowing they are divinely looked after and protected in all circumstances.


I am radiating love and light so that all know they are eternally supplied from the Divine Source within them, and that they become fully aware that all that is needed and wanted comes from this Source in unlimited supply.


I am radiating love and light to my heart’s truest desires. The Source within me knows the pureness of my desires far better than my own mind can ever conceive and I now radiate and allow my heart’s desires to materialize into the physical.


I am radiating love and light with gratitude – gratitude for all I already have, for all that’s still to come, and for the joy of my experience here.


I am radiating love and light into every cell of my body, and bringing them all into perfect balance and alignment for optimal health and well-being.


I am radiating love and light into all my relationships and allowing them to be elevated to a place of unconditional love and acceptance.


I am radiating love and light to open myself up to the full expression my magnificence.


I am radiating love and light into all the nooks and crannies of my life, and allowing it to restore all untruths and miscreations back to the Divine Standard of vibrant health, joyful creative expression, fulfilling relationships, and unlimited abundance.





This page is part of my Surrender Kit course. If in your internet searching you have synchronistically landed here, you may be interested in the full course. You can find the Surrender Kit link here – xo