You’re a conscious creator. And you want what you want…because you know it’s possible. BUT you also know that when you want it really bad, that attachment can be the killer of your dreams.


So, how to let go? How do you let go of wanting what you want? Straight-answer – You don’t.


My gosh, you’re a creator dammit, and a creator’s gotta create. …and it’s your desires that expand and launch the creations. So the answer isn’t to try to silence, subdue, and stamp out your desires. The answer is to surrender the hows & whens of them…and let a higher power help you.


You didn’t come here as a mere human who’s destiny was to fumble around and just survive. You came here to create, to explore, and to experience the richness that life has to offer. And you didn’t come here to do it alone. You have a Soul Team ready and eager to assist you in living the life you not only want to live, but are MEANT to live.


  • Surrender isn’t about giving up on your dreams…it’s about giving up the struggle.
  • Surrender isn’t about letting go of the wanting…it’s about letting go of the timing and delivery method.
  • Surrender isn’t about settling…it’s about being so damn certain of your desire’s inevitability that you become willing to let it come in its own time and in its own way.
  • Surrender isn’t about not caring…it’s about holding the bigger vision, but letting the divine deal with the details.
  • Surrender isn’t about doing nothing…it’s about relaxing, trusting, and following your next guided step.


Surrender…true surrender…is a challenge that even the most skilled and savvy of creators can struggle with. I mean, we want what we want after all…and it’s hard not to want it.


I know what I speak of…I had a difficult time letting go of the control I wanted to have over my creations. I wanted to dictate and force them into being. But that kind of strong-arming just doesn’t work.


I tried it all! I tried going about things the old put-in-the-hard-work-and-effort kind of way…for awhile…but quite honestly I knew too much to buy into that any longer. It was an old habit that died a little hard, but it’s a habit that is no longer mine. And then I tried a slew of attraction-based tools, techniques and practices. You name it, I probably tried it. Truth is, all of the things I tried serve a purpose and are part of the creation process, but without the one critical piece…all of it fell flat.


With all the processes I used to try to create what I wanted, I didn’t have the one piece that would let it all in. …enter surrender.


Surrendering it all is the key to having it all.


For some, surrender is the only practice they need. When you know that what you want is inevitable, you truly can just surrender and let it all come in. The Universe has a finger on the pulse of all your desires, so you can just relax and let it all unfold. …And that’s kinda fun.


For some, surrender is part of an overall practice. They like to get in there and be a deliberate creator about it all. They want to give more specific instructions to the Universe and mold the energy in an intentional way. Once they feel that their “ask” has clicked in…they then know it’s time to ease off and allow it in. There is an intuitive rhythm and flow to this. …And this is fun too.


Either way, there is a bit of an art to being able to surrender. It’s not something that we’ve been taught. However, when you really tune-in you will find that it is innate. …you just need to remember and allow.



Because I am the kind of person who wants what she wants, I always knew surrender would be an important piece in allowing it all in with ease and effortlessness. So I went about learning the intricacies. At times I was met with frustration, disappointment, and confusion, because something that was seemingly so simple, turned out to be somewhat complicated to put into practice. Not because it was complicated, but because it was so contrary to the way we were raised.


I needed a way to implement the intangible art of surrender into a practical practice that didn’t feel so vague and leave me wondering if I was getting it right. …and that’s what I share with you here.


This Surrender Kit is the accumulation of everything that I found and started putting into practice in a way that WORKED. And by worked, I mean that it gave me something I could actually “do” that would create the inner shift that I knew was necessary.


Everything I include in the Surrender Kit enabled me to create the inner environment that is fundamental to things unfolding easily and effortlessly – to shift my mind, to ease my emotions, and to relax my body – all essential components to allowing your conscious creations to materialize with ease.


I knew it wasn’t supposed to be hard…but I sometimes made it hard. Surrender is how I let it be easy again.


This Surrender Kit is meant to help you make it easy again too.


Here’s what the Surrender Kit entails…


  1. Creating the Environment for Surrender


You’ll receive 5 days of emails that will provide background, form the foundation, and establish the groundwork needed to create an environment for surrender. Within these emails you’ll find:


  • The Purpose of Surrender– You’ll understand the intention of surrender.
  • Aligning with Your Divine Truths – Surrender isn’t just about letting go. There are divine truths that buoy the whole process. When you re-align with the divine truths you re-align with ease and effortlessness.
  • The Spiritual Laws – We’ve been employing man-made laws up til now which are restrictive and limiting…and they aren’t the truth of how our Universe operates. Spiritual Laws allow you to create with ease, and keep you connected to your unlimited potentials and possibilities.
  • The Different Frequencies of Asking & Receiving – You’ll understand the relationship between asking and receiving and how it affects your creative powers.
  • Creating the Perfect Receiving State using Surrender – You have a sweet spot when it comes to easily and effortlessly letting things come to you. You’re about to find it.
  • How to Know When You’re Surrendered – When you’re surrendered there’s a particular feel and state of being you’ll experience.
  • Establishing Your Surrender Practice – You will create your own personal practice and start to bring it into play.
  • Releasing the Divine Energy within You – You’ll learn the benefits of meditation and why this simple practice can be the key to making your life effortless. If you’ve ever felt resistant to meditation I invite you to start viewing it in a different way.
  • Getting into Your Manifesting Sweet Spot – You’ll be establishing a daily practice that re-shapes your world and allows all you want to come to you.
  • Surrender Letter – You’ll be writing a letter of commitment to this process, to aligning with the divine, as well as to letting go of everything you’ve been holding on to. This isn’t about giving up your desires, but it’s about giving up the struggle and control. Not only is this cathartic, it sets the energetic stage for what you want to start effortlessly coming in. Your decision to commit creates a powerful surge to re-shape what needs re-shaping in your world.


  1. Surrender Kit Tools


You’ll receive a landing page that has all the practical surrender tools & practices in one place. These will be the tools/practices you will be using on a day-to-day basis, so they will all be available to easily access in one designated spot. Here’s what included in this part of the Surrender Kit:


  1. Invitation to the Divine – This is an opening invitation to your divine connection that will set the tone and intention for everything you are doing and creating with your surrender practice, as well as to support the changes that are to come.
  2. Calling-In Statements – Your vibration naturally rises when you’re in a surrendered state, so while you’re in this space you can powerfully call-in your highest vibrational intentions. The purpose of these statements is to direct your reality beyond what you were previously living and to connect with your highest potentials.
  3. Daily Acknowledgement of Your Divine Source – You want to develop a relationship with your divine self and team of help, so it’s nice to start your morning with acknowledging your connection. Your conscious acknowledgement of your Divine Source creates a beam of thought that invites the Divine Presence in to work with you, through you, and as you. Your awareness of your connection becomes the channel through which all your heart’s desires are delivered.
  4. Hand-Overs & Reconnection – This is where you want to turn when you catch yourself getting caught up in worry, doubt, control, and fear. When you feel constriction and tightness in your body, you know it’s time to hand over what is currently going on within you. These hand-overs are worded in a way to bring relief and immediately shift you back to inner peace and to your receiving state. Examples of Hand-Overs – Love Relationship Hand-Over, Friendship Hand-Over, Parenting Hand-Over, Money Hand-Over, Work Hand-Over, Health Hand-Over, World Hand-Over.
  5. Thought Interrupts – A great way to change the momentum of old thoughts is to catch them and interrupt them. These will become your “on-the-go” surrender reminders that will create an immediate energetic shift, as well as, create a new thought path towards your preferred way of being.
  6. Radiating-Out Statements – As you surrender you begin to embody and anchor in more love and more light. All the things that used to occupy your inner space will make space for more love and light to come in. …and from that place you can start to radiate these energies out and ignite them in others. This radiating light within you has magnetic power and what you radiate out also comes back to you multiplied and overflowing.


  1. Daily Surrender Statements


Once you’ve created the environment for surrender through the daily emails, you will then start to receive Daily Surrender Statements for 80 consecutive days. Each statement focuses on a particular aspect or theme with the intent of letting it go and creating the inner environment of peace and receiving. Although I use and absolutely love ALL aspects of this kit, I fully feel that these statements are the jewel of this course. These Surrender Statements alone create massive shifts.



If you are ready & willing to surrender it all to have it all….and let it all be easy, the Surrender Kit will most definitely help you with that. You can purchase it below…


Surrender Kit $27.00 CAD