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Day 1 No Striving Challenge – A Different Slant on GOALS

Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, striving has been at the core of your struggles, overwhelm and frustrations. It may not overtly appear that way, but striving has seeped into most aspects of our lives and has been affecting us at very deep levels.   We are either: Actively striving to change, fix or improve some aspect of our lives OR We feel GUILTY for NOT striving more to change, fix or improve some aspect of our lives   Either way, striving has got us on the hook.   Here’s the dictionary definition of striving – To make strenuous efforts toward any GOAL.   Today we are going to focus on the GOAL part of this definition.   Our current way of defining goals has been to place our desires and drives to achieve something outside of ourselves. This causes us to look and act externally to reach the achievement of that goal.   Because we are coming from an external viewpoint, we feel the weight of responsibility on us to achieve those goals by doing, taking action, and efforting. This continual mode of “doing” something...

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