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Day 19 No Striving Challenge – Striving is a Focus on Lack

We all have employed action to get where we want to be, whether it be physical actions we take, or energetic strategies and techniques we use to make things happen (ie. affirmations, visualizations, energy work such as reiki, hypnosis, etc). And both of these avenues yield results (but neither are always necessary either).   However what’s important to know is that when you are employing any of these forms of “doing” or efforting with an energy of striving, it automatically brings with it resistance…which can slow or stall that which you are trying to make happen.   And here’s the reason why. By feeling you need to take some sort of action to change, fix or improve something or make something happen you immediately activate the awareness that you are lacking it.   So how do you shift that?   It doesn’t mean you stop all forms of action. Of course not, because action (inspired action) is needed to create the momentum and make things manifest. But what is required is…   Put forth the action...

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Day 18 No Striving Challenge – What Keeps Us from Ease, Calm & Peace

There is one thing that is the hindrance keeping us from ease, calm and peace – ATTACHMENT.   Our attachment to expectations, outcomes, and proving ourselves is a form of control…and it keeps us striving.   Attachment is when we feel our desires need to come to us in a particular form, should look a specific way, and come at a precise time. Absolutely it’s okay to have preferences in what we want, but then we need to let go of the “how.” It’s when we try to control each step along the way that we slow down the flow.   Our attachments keep us striving. When we feel we have to act a certain way, have certain things, and do certain things to prove our value and worth, we keep striving to “get there, ” and we never can settle into simply being and allowing.   These are some areas you may harbour attachments: To having a relationship – What’s wrong with me if I can’t find someone? To career – The more money and...

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