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Day 5 No Striving Challenge – The Part Worth & Value Play

Our ego mind can exert a lot of control over us, because it convinces us that we have to prove our value and worthiness. This need to prove our value and worthiness keeps us in a state of striving to do just that.   Some of the ways that our ego mind is appeased come in the following forms of striving…   Parenting - Using your children to reflect your worth & value Encouraging your kids to aim for the honor roll Urging your kids to work hard to be on a certain team Training your kids to behave a certain way   Career - Using your career as a position of status to show your worth & value Trying to make more money Trying to climb the ladder to higher position, power & prestige   Body - Using the state of your body as an image of worth & value Trying to lose/gain weight Hoping to avoid illness   Relationships - Using your relationship status to prove your worth & value Trying to find the right one & fall in love Worried what others are thinking and saying   Homes - Using your home as a...

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