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Tea Time with Trish: Are We Giving Our Kids Enough Space?

I typically pride myself on trying to let my kids be who they are, but every once in a while they throw a few things my way to remind me that I still have some things to learn.  Recently I had two incidents with my son that gave me a little wake up call that I may not always be giving my kids the space that they need. Even though I truly believe that children need to be given space and time to expand their creativity, as well as time to explore their world and who they are, my motherly instincts of wanting to help them be the best person they can be are kicked into overdrive. Thankfully I am given those gentle reminders (and sometimes not so gentle!) that I need to refrain from my need to jump in and direct them. One of my earliest memories that was the catalyst in me really paying attention to allowing my children be who they are, was when my son was around 3 or...

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