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Tea Time with Trish: Wait…This Is Not How Its Suppose To Go!

UNEXPECTED GIFTS FROM A GETAWAY   Some of you may know that last week I went to Banfffor a three day getaway.  I really looked forward to this time to myself.  I knew I needed it.  HOWEVER, I didn’t understand the full reason of why I really needed it.   I will share the reasons of why I really needed it in a 6 part series I decided to call “Unexpected Gifts From A Getaway.”  I am sharing the lessons I learned while there, as well as some of the ripple effect lessons I learned as a result…and they may not be what you expect.  My hope is that some parts of these awarenesses I came to will also serve a purpose for you.   I spent 3 full days in Banff, and the first day was exactly how I had imaged and envisioned it.  I got to Banff early, went straight to Starbuck’s to have my Chai Latte while settling in to write in my journal and doing some reading.   Everywhere I went I ensured that I...

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