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Striving is #1 Cause to Struggle, Overwhelm & Frustration

I woke up on New Years day, and feeling a little lazy, I didn’t want to get out of bed right away. So, as I lay there, I grabbed my phone and decided to check my emails. As they were downloading, I saw the many subject lines scrolling down the screen….and I was triggered! I was overwhelmed with a feeling I can only describe as “Ugh.” I don’t know why I was surprised by the influx of emails all peppy and encouraging me to live my best life in 2014…but something was set off in me. No denying it. I had a strong visceral reaction to having my inbox flooded with very well-intentioned emails all willing to help me change, fix, and improve my life. Knowing that when we get triggered it’s never about the other person or people; it’s always about us, I knew there was a message in this for me. So, I decided to just take some time and feel into what it was. I knew that...

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The Challenge of Highly Sensitive Children

With Christmas fast approaching, the excitement and intensity of the season increases….which means that if you are a parent of a Highly Sensitive Child, you may see the excitement and intensity of your child also increase. With that can come some challenges, and it can be a test of your patience. The following blog gives you a glimpse into the life of a sensitive child…mine! And boy oh boy, it can be a roller coaster…not only for them, but for you as well. I get it. You ARE NOT alone. I invite you into my life and my learning...

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It’s All a Matter of Choice

Loving and accepting ourselves is a choice. Period.  Happiness is a choice. Period. The path of our lives is based on the series of choices we have made along the way.  If we are not happy with it, it once again boils down to choice. For many years I felt stuck; that my life was happening by chance.  I made excuses for why it couldn’t be changed.  In certain moments I grovelled in tears of self pity. For me the monumental shift in my life came when I began to listen to the whispers of my inner voice.  At first it was a complete stranger to me, but it was insistent enough that eventually I knew I had to listen.  It took time to build a stable trust with it, but with each step my confidence grew.  I no longer listened to the opinions of what others, including society, thought was best for me. All these choices lead me to living a life that is not without some ups and downs, but is...

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