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Building Trust With Our Children

As parents we have an incredible influence on the level of our children’s self-esteem.  The knowledge of this can create some fear, and even guilt with how we may be parenting, but the answer to developing a depth of trust that creates a healthy self-esteem is a lot simpler then we sometimes make it. We often go to extremes in exposing our children to different experiences, and boosting their confidence with praise, and enrolling them in a myriad of activities to hone their skills and talents.  All of this is done with the best of intentions, and the underlying core is that we want our children to grow up with a healthy self-esteem…and in a nutshell, to be happy.  But the solution need not be so complicated. We have sometimes lost sight of the fact that the solution to reaching a deep and meaningful relationship with our children boils down to one thing…communication. We get caught up in the rat race and speed of life, running them around from activity to...

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