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Day 26 No Striving Challenge – Time to Surrender

As you can probably see by now, we can live in a vicious, unhealthy cycle of striving to prove something. But to who? …to yourself? …your family? …your friends? …the world?   And isn’t it time for a change? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to be able to simply trust that all is falling into place without your need to be in control of it at all times? Ahhh….   Here’s the thing…you really can relax into that knowing.   When we let go of the belief that we have to do this on our own, we come to a place of surrender. Not surrender in the sense that we give up, but rather surrender to the knowing that all is well.   Trying too hard amplifies your lack of belief in yourself, in your source of well-being.   As Abraham from says…   We’ve been taught to believe the lack of trying is laziness or unambitious, but the Truth is lack of trying shows your confidence in who you really are.   Your work now is to align with the power of...

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