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Day 31 No Striving Challenge – 4th Way to Connect with Your Soul

In order to keep the cycle going, if you want to be a Soul Receiver, you also need to be a SOUL GIVER.   The reason we get caught in striving is because we feel that something is missing and we need to do something about it.   Soul Giving is about:   Giving ourselves that which we feel is missing. Giving to others what we feel is lacking within our own lives.   If you are not feeling understood, where can you be more understanding to yourself? Where can you be more understanding of others?   If you don’t feel appreciated, where are you not appreciating yourself? Where may you not be appreciating others?   If you feel others disapproval, where are you disapproving of yourself? Where are you disapproving of others?   Find those answers, and be willing to give them to others, and be willing to receive them for yourself.   This creates a connection to yourself, which allows you to more fully connect with your soul.   Soul Team Chat  Where have you been holding back from giving to yourself? Where have you been...

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Day 27 No Striving Challenge – Create a Soul Anchor

So, you now know (or remember) that you have support, and you realize you need to surrender. Now what?   You need a SOUL ANCHOR – this is something that keeps you anchored in the remembering of the power of who you truly are. I’ve already mentioned my Truth Affirmations which have been pivotal in building my trust.   Another anchor is creating a daily practice. Now don’t get overwhelmed with thinking that means you need to fit yet another thing into your day. Your daily practice can be very simple. Taking only 5 minutes a day to commune with your soul has far reaching impact…and I highly recommend that you find 5 minutes to yourself to do this.   Find a spot that is quiet where you won’t be interrupted, make a conscious connection with your Source (all that takes is your intention to connect), and deep breathe. That’s it.   Sound too simple? I have to say, I thought it was too simple, and that it didn’t really “make anything happen, ” but what I...

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Are You Using Shame as a Form of Discipline?

We are here for connection.  And we especially want to feel connected with our children.  We are happiest when we feel connected – to our spouse, to our children, to our friends, and to our Source (whatever you choose to call it…God, Universe, Higher Self).   So why is there so much disconnection?  Why are we hearing about more family members who no longer communicate, friends that have parted ways, struggles with our children….?   After listening to Dr. Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I received a big ah-ha on this topic.   One of the factors is shame…and I think it’s a big one.   Shame is used to verbally stop unwanted and undesirable behaviour.  Shame is often used as a form of discipline.  Of course, we don’t always see that this is the case.  It’s become so common that we are unaware of the impact it has on our children…and our connection with them.   As quoted from Dr. Brene Brown – “Shame unravels our connection.”   Shaming makes the child feel: Wrong for...

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