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Time to Stop Conforming

Every human…whether conscious of it or not…has a desire to be free from the chains of conformity.   Many before us have blazed the paths for us to have countless freedoms…and now is the time where we are individually seeking our own personal freedom; our own spiritual freedom – free from the constraints and rules that have limited our minds and imprisoned our spirits.   There aren’t any rallies, marches or demonstrations. But there is an instinctive inner summoning to our own inherent freedom.   I’m not going pretend to know enough about history to go into the specifics of all the freedoms that have been won for us…many which we take for granted…but I do know that we owe a lot of gratitude to be in the position we are now. A position where we have the liberty to focus on our hearts.   We as a species have evolved to this point where freedom of our minds and freedom of our spirits is the next step in our evolution.   We are being called in this direction. …And when we don’t listen...

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Day 27 No Striving Challenge – Create a Soul Anchor

So, you now know (or remember) that you have support, and you realize you need to surrender. Now what?   You need a SOUL ANCHOR – this is something that keeps you anchored in the remembering of the power of who you truly are. I’ve already mentioned my Truth Affirmations which have been pivotal in building my trust.   Another anchor is creating a daily practice. Now don’t get overwhelmed with thinking that means you need to fit yet another thing into your day. Your daily practice can be very simple. Taking only 5 minutes a day to commune with your soul has far reaching impact…and I highly recommend that you find 5 minutes to yourself to do this.   Find a spot that is quiet where you won’t be interrupted, make a conscious connection with your Source (all that takes is your intention to connect), and deep breathe. That’s it.   Sound too simple? I have to say, I thought it was too simple, and that it didn’t really “make anything happen, ” but what I...

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