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Being Yourself is Easier Said Than Done

Great advice, BUT sometimes this piece of wisdom is easier said than done…without some guidance. WHY? Because we have become so wrapped up in our own stories that we often have bought into them hook, line, and sinker.   I know for many years this was true for me. -I believed my story that it was very important to put “obligations” and others needs above my own…because if I didn’t people may not like and accept me. -I believed my story that it was better to follow the safer path…because going the path less travelled was risky, scary, and who knew what could happen?! -I believed my story that I liked being busy…because I didn’t know any other way, and was needing something to fill the void. -I believed my story that by buying brands names and the “in” items somehow made me “belong”…because everyone else was doing it. -I believed my story that I was stuck and a victim of my circumstances…because I never understood the bigger picture.   Once I challenged my stories and my beliefs,...

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What’s the Natural Rhythm of Your Life

Well, I’m back into the swing of things! I had decided to take the summer off, and for those of you who read my June blog, I had shared how I felt I needed to follow my gut and take time to focus on just enjoying my kids without having the continual pull to always “be working.”  Last summer I really struggled with this.  Part of me felt I “should” be with my kids, but another part of me felt I “should” be working.  This lead to me not fully enjoying or being in the moment when I was doing either. This summer I decided I would not to do the same.  It wasn’t fair to my kids, and it wasn’t fair to my peace of mind.  So with that in mind, I took a look at my priorities and being with my kids was top dog.  As much as it scared me to let go of actively working in my business throughout the summer months (except for seeing clients),...

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