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Day 3 No Striving Challenge – Sometimes the Best Action is No Action At All

Following up on the idea of Inspired Action, it’s important to point out that sometimes what you’re inspired to do is…to take no action at all.   This one can be tricky, because we live in a world that highly values being productive and taking action. And it can be very uncomfortable to stop striving to be productive or take action.   Speaking from experience, I gotta tell you, this can take practice, BUT it is a vital piece in being able to create ease, calm, and peace in your life.   So, today you’re going to move away from the incessant need to feel productive or be taking action. Believe me, I know that it’s very seductive, but you will thank yourself when you can loosen the reigns and start to enjoy life a little more…the laundry can wait!   Some areas to consider: Relaxing to watch a tv show instead of cleaning the house Letting your child skip a scheduled activity and give them a break (no worrying about the $ spent on...

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