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Day 16 No Striving Challenge – Excuses that Keep You Striving

Excuses come in many forms, but the 2 main culprits that keep us striving are…   1. Money 2. Time   I’ll admit, I’ve used these excuses many times…and they are also the two reasons I hear most from people when it comes to justifying why they can’t slow down – not enough time, not enough money.   But here’s the thing, they really are excuses.   When we allow money and time to call the shots, we will forever be dictated and driven by these external motivators. In these cases we are approaching life from the outside in. And what really allows us to live in ease, calm and peace is when we live life from the inside out.   Money and time become extrinsic symbols we use to prove to others our value. But, let’s not kid ourselves, they only go so far in pulling the wool over our own eyes. If we don’t become aware that these are simply symbols for something deeper that we crave, we will be caught in a cycle of...

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