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“If You Think You’re Enlightened Go Spend a Week With Your Family”

I have long loved the quote, “If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family” by Ram Dass.   The reason I whole heartedly agree with Ram Dass’ quote is because I believe that as souls we choose to come here (earth) for our greatest learning and spiritual growth, and with that in mind our soul chooses the family we will enter so that we receive what we need in order to gain the greatest learning and growth.  What that usually means is that our family can be our biggest support, but at the same time also our biggest challenge…and in some cases heartache.   I know I have grown into a very different person then I was when living with my family, and going back home has definitely been a bench mark for me in how much I have been able to learn and let go.  Each time I return it shows me where I’ve grown, and along with that usually comes a new level of letting go and learning.   Without...

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