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Tea Time with Trish: It’s What I Wanted, But….

One of the main things I want in life is for my children to grow into and retain their sense of self.  It’s what I’m very aware of in how I handle situations with my children, and it allows me to adjust my reactions when needed.   Soooo, when my husband and I started seeing our son really coming out of his shell we were thrilled….and oddly enough just a little apprehensive!   I want my children to be able to speak their mind, and voice their opinions…of course, in a respectful manner.  I want them to have a sense of humour, and not take life so seriously.  I don’t want them to feel they have to go down the beaten path, or jump on the band wagon of the latest fads.  I want them to be authentic and unique.   So when my son, who is 9, began to display his “uniqueness, ” my husband and I couldn’t help but laugh.  But ironically at the same time, we also voiced concerns...

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