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Be Careful What You Get Inspired By

I love to read. Always have. I’m sure always will.   I love to watch tv, movies, and documentaries (oh, and let’s not forget The Bachelor! ;) ). Sometimes maybe a little too much.   But it’s the stories that I love.   Through books, tv, movies, and a variety of other platforms, there’s always stories being told. People have things to say. People have stories to share.   BUT…   We need to be careful what we get inspired by.   Are you inspired by triumph over struggle? Do you praise the person who succeeds through dogged hard work? Do you admire those who sacrifice themselves for others? Do you applaud those who strive and push their way to success?   It’s not unusual if you do. We’ve been trained to respect and commend these gripping feats of achievement. We’ve been led to believe that…   struggle equals value hardship equals honor adversity equals worth suffering equals meaning   Sure, we certainly can – and do – learn, grow, and evolve through pain and struggle. And I absolutely am not taking away the compassion and empathy we have...

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Day 18 No Striving Challenge – What Keeps Us from Ease, Calm & Peace

There is one thing that is the hindrance keeping us from ease, calm and peace – ATTACHMENT.   Our attachment to expectations, outcomes, and proving ourselves is a form of control…and it keeps us striving.   Attachment is when we feel our desires need to come to us in a particular form, should look a specific way, and come at a precise time. Absolutely it’s okay to have preferences in what we want, but then we need to let go of the “how.” It’s when we try to control each step along the way that we slow down the flow.   Our attachments keep us striving. When we feel we have to act a certain way, have certain things, and do certain things to prove our value and worth, we keep striving to “get there, ” and we never can settle into simply being and allowing.   These are some areas you may harbour attachments: To having a relationship – What’s wrong with me if I can’t find someone? To career – The more money and...

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